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Hi,my name is Jovone King#545321,I am 32,I have been incarcerated since 2006,my release date is 2024.I have only one child that is very dear to me.I am a Moor and my life studies are my life work,a science which is founded upon pro-righteous value and the constant striving for purity in life.Through my bro. Corderrell,I was informed about your blog-site and I am interested and hope you do not mine setting up an app on my j-pay account.Here’s a sneak preveiw of whats to come…The fleshy eyes of man sees the nature of things by its outward manifest,and so,he believes in the tales of illusions,the things that are fleeting in itself-the carnal evolution.This carnal narture which sprangforth from fleshy things were necessary for the spiritual revelation of man’s ultimate destiny.Man cannot realize what he is by word of mouth alone,that which man stands upon must be tried and tested-including the man himself.It is what man overcome through what he suffers,that empower him to stand uneffected by the turbulance of chaos….Hope you enjoy,look for to hearing from you in the near future.peace.

Jovone King
DOC #545321

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