Dominique Dyer

by Dominique Dyer

I woke up this morning and I was thinking to myself. How to stay busy? Well I just try to get better in everything that I need to improve in an Im far from perfect. I think to myself that its not all about me either. So I try to stay to myself because I have to get right with in my own self. Also I think to my self I have to do this for myself at the same time becuse you cant please everybody. At the same time you have to make yourself happy. I always put God first. You never know how much somthing means to you until its taken away from you Im starting to realize as I grow that you have to cherish every moment because you never kno how life going to end up. Life is crazy somtimes so I beleive that we all have to isolate are self because its very important to have a peace of mind. I stay focus threw all the drama and focus on what I got going on.

Dominique Dyer #748069
P.O. Box 56
Lebeanon, Ohio 45036

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