Travis Nettles

by Travis Nettles

PERCEPTION WITHIN SELF….FRM 7 ALMIGHTY KNOWLEDGE BORN WISDOM ALLAH….Peace i pray all is well within your life as for me i am at peace..this week i would like to put perception within self on your you live out your days sometimes,you may have realize that you have character flaws that,are beyond your control.deep inside of you there is a sense of brokenness that is a constant reminder of your humanity. days go by where you may hope you will get to a place where your behavior is under control and you will be able to maintain but,as long as you are in a human body you will have to contend with your sinful im not a christian but i do read the bible and many books of knowledge.paul inside the bible describe it the best when he said”i know that nothing good lives in me,that is in my sinful nature,i want to do what is right but i cant,i want to do what is good but i dont… there is another power within me that is at war with my mind.this power makes me a slave to the sin that is still within me(romans 7 verse 18-23)with that said no matter how far we progress in life our sinful nature will always be susceptible to the lure of our flaws.we can not afford to forget this or let down our guards,manintaining our flaws is something we will need to nurture for the rest of our lives one day at a with each day we all must be mindful,while having faith with what ever your believe is towards,trusting it and recognizing your helplessness against the power of sin,you open your life to the transforming power of your faith…nothing is easy worth doing and nothing is impossible,perception within self is optional.this is my intimation of the week please be mindful and pass my words to someone who needs can follow me weekly for i only inspire to aspire before i expire,i end this the same as i begin while saying,have a bless day with a blissful night…powerful education always changes everything..PEACE

DOC #735-142

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