Dana Rister

I Set My Soul Free, by Dana Rister

After many years of practicing zen Buddhist meditation. I have reached the pinnacle of the art, at which point you have two choices. to experience nirvana, or release your soul. I chose to set my soul free, at least part of me could be free again. and its a win win. I don’t need a soul in this place. most of the junkies coming through the door now days don’t have them. they sold their soul to the devil to get a fix. no cause for empathy or sympathy or love in here. with no soul my heart can finally turn to stone. but when you close a door a window opens. and Ive very noticed some disturbing things happening. I’ve started to see shadow people on a regular basis. I had only seen one once prior to this. I was crashing on a couch in a friends apartment. and he’s laying in bed in the back of the apartment and I’m laying on the couch in the front. and he calls out to me and asks me if I’m in the bathroom. I say no. I’m in the living room. why, he says he can hear someone walking in the bathroom. so I get curious and I sit up. from the living room couch you can see into the bathroom. you can see the bathroom mirror. you can do this cause, there are no curtains or blinds in the large kitchen window. the kitchen is between the bathroo. and the living room.and sitting on the couch its a forty five degree angle. so anyway, I start watching the mirror, and I see the light flickering, like maybe there’s a moth in the bathroom. so I go in and look. no moth, I sat back down and keep watching. that’s when I see the black silhouette of a man pass in front of the light. it blocked the light one hundred percent.I was freaked out. I got up and left.now I see a shadow figure hanging on my wall every night under the vent up on the wall. well I had always heard talk that this cell was the suicide cell. I guess at least five guys have hung themselves from the vent in here. I see the shadow men all over now, and I can smell them too, the sickly sweet smell of death.there is a life force, and there is a death force. a leftover residue, the shadow of a soul unhappy, unfulfilled. I know my fate now. more weird shit is happening to me, whenever I get close to another inmate. I can see the crimes they committed……

Dana Rister
DOC #609147

PS – thank you Suzie.

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