Dominique Dyer

by Dominique Dyer

I recently lossed my little cuzzin to a car accident. I’m trying to stay strong in a place like this it gets so hard when you don’t have anybody to turn to.I wish I had someone to talk to it feels like I’m alone. They say what don’t kill you makes you stronger. I really can’t wait to go home. I thank God that my time is coming soon. Lately I just been working on my education trying to build for my future. I plan to work hard and take care of my little cuzzin kid and be a positive male romodle in her life. This experience is making me so much stronger. I can’t wait to find a special woman to share my life with. I don’t have any kids but I plan on making some. I just want to be happy and I plan to be. Freedom is a pleasure I plan to take full advantage of it and do right now I’m wiser and I plan to work hard for everything. Life is a blessing and I can’t wait to find a partner that I can share it with.

Dominique Dyer #a748069
P.O Box 56
Lebanon, Ohio 45036


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