James DeWitt

A Motivation From Unexpected Cares, by James Dewitt

What inspires a person to consider doing things that they have little to no confidence in? Answer: Motivation in the form of belief. When you give your belief in someone to that person you cause an action to ignite within them. You force their mind to consider matching the expectations of your belief. How do I know? I met “A Motivation From Unexpected Cares”. I wittness cares and beliefs that can only be Divinely inspired. I am moved by these cares and beliefs as I know one should be. Most of the time I want to be the one who issues the care to others but now I see that I have to accept being the recipient as well. When you remember the wrong you inflicted on others you feel guilty towards having others care about you. I’m not saying that this goes away easily because guilt can take a stagnating strong hold if allowed. So what then do I share from this? Care has a way of piercing through strong holds. It’s a power within each us that can be given to ourselves as well as given to others. It’s a Course Correction stimulator. It’s an odorless ingredient that our taste buds cry for all 24 hours of the day. To us doing time it’s the thing that determines how we will do our time. It influences what we do and what we don’t do. It orchestrates motivation. It grabs you by the hands and says “come on let’s go”. Care developes confidence. It’s pivotal in nurturing acceptance. You can’t love without it. Probably the most unbelievable thing about it is that it cost nothing. Nada, Nothing, Free. Equally hard to believe is the fact that you can never run out of it in your lifetime. I intentionally acknowledge that it’s free to give and it’s free to receive. This is the message that I share with you. Unexpectedly I receive the motivating message for me; if I can see all this about care, I should see the exact same about Forgiveness. Ouch!!!
Your cares has opened my mind to this…… Thank you

James Dewitt
DOC #1007872

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