Mark Blain

THE WAY (part 1), by Mark Blain

Chapter One

At Ps. 139:24 it reads: “Search me, O Yahweh, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts; and see if any sorrow (a need for healing) is in me and lead (5148) me in The Way (1870) everlasting.” And then we read at Isa. 35:8-9: “And a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called THE WAY OF HOLINESS. The unclean shall not pass over it. (…). Redeemed ones shall walk there (-in)…”. Then Nehemiah 9:19 goes on to convey: “Yet you, Yahweh, in your mercies great have not forsaken me in this wilderness (place of no life, power, or meaning). Your pillar (established stance) of divine protection has not departed from me; it is by me daily to lead (1869) me in The Way (1870)…; nor your pillar of fire (presence) by night, to show me light (enlightenment) and The Way in which I should go in it.”

The above verses, along with a majority of the rest of the Bible, teach what Yahweh wants us to comprehend — “THE WAY”. You’ll note some numbers in parentheses following a few words. We will here take time to look up the definitions of each of these words, along with their root references.

5148-Hebrew, “nachah,” pronounced naw-khaw’; a primary root, to “guide”; by implication, to “lead forth and govern”.

1869-Heb. “da-rak”, pronounced daw-rawk’; to “string a bow by treading on it, thus bending it to one’s will”; leading forth in The Way, being guided by a loving force that is irresistible”.

1870-Heb. “de-rek”, pronounced day-wreck’; fig. a “course of life”, or “mode of action”, “journey”; derek here signifies the overall fixed path of life; i.e., one’s destiny; in the Greek we find the term “hod-os” (3598) conveys the same concept: “a progress, mode, means; a course of conduct and way of thinking”.

So, now we come to our starting-point in our journey called “Derek” (“The Way”). We start with the first name in the Genealogical account, from “Adam” to “Christ.” The name “Adam” (19, Heb. “aw-dawm”) is defined as ruddy, reddish (in color), from the idea that much of the soil in the Mesapotamian region where awdawm was created is like clay/dirt of that color; but it’s the implied understanding that gives the term “awdawm” its meaning of “one who is of low degree.”

This first term in the genealogical accounting expresses the initial idea of our first STATE-OF-EXISTENCE; i.e., we ur nothing more than mere dirt/dust (earthen vessels, 776-Heb. “erets”, q.v.). In the Latin it is expressed thusly: “…pulvus et umbra sumus” (“…we are but dust and shadows”). And the half-brother of Yashua, Yaqqob (N.T., James), at 4:14 writes concerning our existence: “…For what is your life? It is vapors…”(not amounting to much).

Our comprehension of this fact, and the full realization of the Spiritual significance in relation to such is the first step upon the stairway to heaven, whereby we initially come to terms with our true station-in-life: That is, we are nothing more than animated dirt, and as such realization sets in, it ought to bring about a genuine humbleness in those who are the true called ones. This is THE WAY, as we shall see. It is the initial point of embarkation on our journey to become “anointed ones”; and thus, “…we are of Christ, and are of the seed of Abraham, and heirs according to the promise.” Which it all means we have inherited certain inalienable rights as Children who are grafted in, but we MUST follow THE WAY in order to learn how to attain unto these promises and rights. And this comes ONLY with an adherence to the “states-of-existence” at each successive name in the genealogical account.

In the O.T., when the Israelites have been liberated from bondage, and they’ve journeyed (existed) through the wilderness (place of no power/confusion), and they are about to enter “…INTO the land…(in order) to possess it…” (Deut. 7:1), Yahweh stresses that they “…shalt remember all THE WAY which He led them…(in order) to humble them and to prove them, to know what was in their hearts, whether they would keep his commandments or not” (Deut. 8:2). — You will note that we capitalized “INTO”. Here we are kinda interjecting another thought-form into the main thesis, but this new addition is no less important. In fact it is crucial to correct comprehension and application of the whole. It is the concept of one goes “WITHIN” themselves, to their CENTER, communes with Yahweh, via the Holy Spirit (Heb. “Rauch ha’ Kodesh”; Gk. “Paracletos”), and by meditating lime this, they are opening up themselves the be guided by Yahweh.

So, keep in mind that one is “entering into the land in order to possess it.” What does this mean? Do we conclude that the presently-accepted literal appreciation holds true; i.e., the Israelites literally left enslavement to Egypt, travelled through the “Wilderness of Sin” (q.v., you should see just how horrible and barren that small place of geography really is). Then they came to the point where they crossed over the River Yarden (Jordan), to possess/take by force, the land. It is said that the Israelites mass-murdered the present inhabitants, even little infants, in order to possess the land (see Deut. 2:34 and Num. 31:17-18). Is that what we know to be true? Or is there a more realistic viewpoint; one that does not make Yahweh out to be a liar? I mean, did He not COMMAND, “Thou shalt not kill” (Ex. 20:13)? And, yet, the tale of their liberation, and land acquisition, includes genocide of entire nations — even babies — thus, flying in the face of His main commandment. It is ludicrous to believe He would command us to abstain from murder, and then in the very same breath, basically, order people to do just the opposite of that commandment? In the N.T., Paul writes this to the Corinthian believers: “Yahweh is not the author of confusion” (1 Cor. 14:33).

(Chpt. One, Part 1 will continue in Part 2)

Mark Blain
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