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I was once told a story by my brother about an eagle and a snake. I want to share it with you guys because as of late it seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life with my children and one of my friends. There was a snake who needed to get across a extremely large canyon to be with his family. So he saw the eagle, and he asked the eagle could he give him a ride across the canyon. So the eagle replied no,your a snake. Why would I do that?The snake begged please,I don’t have any other way to be with my family.Even though the eagle was empathetic, he was adamant on his stance. So the eagle would fly away and come back the next day and the snake would be there. And the snake would starting begging and pleading again with the eagle,now the snake was no fool.It could tell that the eagle was a caring person. The snake would play on that. So after many days,and weeks and hours of PERSUASION, the eagle finally gives in. The eagle says okay,a I will help you,because I couldn’t imagine not being with my family.So the eagle says to the snake, you have to promise me that you won’t bite me.And the snake cleverly says, why would I do that? Both of us will die if I bite you.Even though the eagle was a little reluctant, he trusted the snake and decided to help him. So the eagle picked the snake up in it’s claws and they started on their journey. So they’re flying along and everything is going fine. And the eagle thought to himself, hmm it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. So the LONGER that they flew along together the more relaxed the eagle became. So,well off into the trip as they reached the part of the canyon where the fall was the deepest, The eagle feels a sharp shooting pain in his leg.The eagle looks down at the snake and says, you promised me! And you just killed us both!Why would you do that?! And the snake replied, I’m sorry you knew I was snake when you gave me a lift. And besides, I’m just being true to my nature as a snake.And they both fell to there death.So the moral of the story is simple, its not a matter of if the snake will bite you, its a matter of when the snake will bite you.The eagle didn’t have to deal with the snake, he chose to deal with the snake. And it turned out bad. I really do feel bad for the eagle. Because he was really trying to be helpful.But the snake was just being a snake. In real life we as human beings have more of thinking capacity than animals.But we as human beings believe that at times we can change people.We see the signs and choose to ignore them. I’ve seen the effects of a snake bite. From my own life experiences as well as other peoples mistakes. And the hardest thing in the world to do is sit back and watch someone you care about bump their head when it’s not necessary.I have a friend that I try to help with a few of their problems, and snake type of individuals are part of the problem. But in the end it seems like I’m the bad guy,and all I’m trying to is help. So I’ve decided to just step back and let it take its course and if they need my help, I hope they will not hesitate to ask for it. Because I will be there.Proverbs 13:20:THE ONE DEALING WITH THE WISE PERSON’S, WILL BECOME WISE. BUT THE ONE HAVING DEALINGS WITH THE STUPID ONES WILL FAIR BADLY. No one is exempt from that universal truth. What is wrong with taking a friends advice? Especially if that friend knows what he or she is talking about? Or if they have a lot of experience on the subject? It makes no sense to me how people will take parenting advice from Oprah Winfrey, and she doesn’t have any children. She is basing it off of opinion and not experience. I have two friends, neither of them are perfect.They are associates with each other, but both of them are my friends. One is reckless with his words and actions, and he can’t hold water.He stays high amongst other things.The other one is more of a thinker,he has anger issues at times, but he is trustworthy and honest.One has been in prison a short period of time, and has very limited experience on prison life. The other has been down a while and has a lot of knowledge and experience about prison life. Not just living here, but also knowledge about prison on the administrative level. So when I have issues,about prison life and I need help.What friend would it be wise to ask?It’s a no brainer. At times my friends and children take my caring the wrong way.Sometimes I think they take it as jealousy,or that I’m trying to control them. That is so far from the truth. Because when they sit back and think about it, 95% of what I’ve given advice on has been correct. And its not about being right or wrong, I just want whats best for them.I take their advice on things, especially when I know they are correct. Or I know they are concerned about me and my well being.Maybe because of my location I’m a third wheel, and our bond is not as close as I thought it was. Time reveals everything, so in time I just hope that they don’t fall victim to the snake like the eagle did.And that my intentions are always pure. And to my friends, I don’t expect to be your only friend. Nor do I expect to be friends with all your friends. But what I do expect,is that you know that you have a real solid friend in me who will go out his way to make sure that a friend is safe and always sound in mind.So this is me taking a backseat to my children and friends lives, If you need me I’ll be there, all you have to do is ask.LOVE AND RESPECT

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