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A dark haired woaman stepped into the house. Her face was adorned with freckles. She had two others with her. They all went their separate ways without saying a word to one another. One man went down the hall and began to go room to room. The other man remained in the living room and went to the computer where it sat with its Milkyway galaxy screen saver. Freckles stepped into the kitchen.
She stared impassively down at the body of Richard Meeks. She studied the scean and looked at the gun still clutched in his hand. He lay on his side sprawled out with his face looking toward the backdoor. She followed his empty gaze out to the yard behind his. She watched the over zealous children yelling and running and knew. A woman was standing on the wooden deck trying to round them up for lunch. Freckles felt a flicker of emotion as images from her world tried surfacing to her conscious thoughts. She repressed them not wanting to be overcome with such painful emotions. She tried not to remember when she was young. Flashes of her parents appeared in her mind and she understood the desire to start all over again. Maybe some day , but for now she was still working for the cause. She probably would just live out her natural life. Some day she may be able to bring herself to go back. It would take her another twenty years , but hundreds of years would pass for everyone on her planet. Everyone she knew was already dead , so really what did it matter? Her parents had both just died before she left and she wasn’t close to anyone else. The cause had always beckoned to her. She couldn’t be distracted now. She looked down one last time at the body and imagined the incredible scientific process that had just occurred releasing the man’s mind or soul into higher dimensional space for a pico second before it was again captured by a brain. She was certain he would not be able to remain lucid in the dream state at death and postpone being born again. She thought about Travis and Sara. They could she knew.
Freckles turned and walked out of the kitchen where she saw her two companions waiting. The taller man with dark wavy hair held up a handful of papers. ” This is all I found ”
” Are you sure that’s it? ” she asked. He nodded. Then she turned to the other man ” What about the computer ? ”
“There was some activity so I just cleared the hard drive.”
With that they left the house. Later that night she went to a military installation in New Mexico and boarded a small rocket that travelled to the moon. The public briefly heard about a satellite being launched on the news. Just a routine launch. Once on the moon she would arrive at a secret installation there and would be hurtled through space to Mars. The flight would take one month. Their space ships were equipped with highly modern technology derived from her planet. They had a more distant colony on Neptune’s large moon Triton. Temperatures there were nearly minus four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. But their nuclear powered stations were designed to handle such cold extremes. They had achieved interstellar travel after all. She would not need to travel there for awhile.

It was a warm spring day in Boulder Colorado. Sara and Travis were about to set off to New Mexico. This was where freckles kept calling to Travis from. She had always assumed freckles was just one of his delusions , but there was something different about this one. Something told her there was more to it than just the schizophrenia. Ever since she had that dream about her the feeling of anxiety seemed seeded within her stomach and was growing in intensity as time passed. Sara shuddered with a chill as she recalled that strange dream where they exchanged that stare. That was not the look of just some soulless phantom conjured up by the imagination. Freckles eyes and the expression exuding from them was self possessed with a conscious mind. Her intuition would not let her believe anything else. But what about the dreams of the old man and the beautiful dark skinned woman?
She thought about Travis laying there sleeping. She wondered if he was dreaming now. Was it a normal random dream , or was he being visited by this haunting strange and exotic seductress ? What the hell did she want anyways? If her sinister stare was indicative of something real , then both she and him needed to be worried. It was her luring him to New Mexico. She wondered , would freckles be expecting her too? She thought about the dream again.
She went back inside and made sure he had enough of his medicine to last over a month. His delusions were practically nonexistent now. The only things he experienced now was the cat communicating with him and the very spooky freckles. The mystic , the old man had referred to her as that in one of the dreams. And now both of them , her and Travis , were sharing dreams. First about freckles , now about the old man and miss Cat , the beautiful dark woman.Things just kept getting more and more interesting and more and more weird.
She went into their room and saw he was still sleeping. Before waking him she’d make sure everything was ready. She walked to the dresser and pulled out the bottom drawer and reached in under some clothes. Her hand wiggled around for a few moments until she felt the heavy metal. She clutched it and pulled it out. She held it in front of her face admiring the shiny gleam. She ran a finger over the cool barrel before clicking the lever and releasing the cylinder. It was fully loaded and ready for action. She tucked in her waist and rummaged around for anything else they might need.The new blue SUV was loaded with camping equipment because they would camp a few nights out under the stars. They had the astronomy binoculars. This excursion would take a month or more. Freckles told travis September. It was still August.

Travis M Smith
DOC #529433

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