Archie Wilder

DOES MONEY MATTER? (part 2), by Archie Wilder

In today’s society money is the motivating factor behind a lot of the choices and decisions that people make in everyday life. Their are two things that have been in the news lately that I would like to discuss.Jeffrey Epstein made the news again this week.This time because he committed suicide in his jail cell. Now we see again how money effects things. This story has been all over the news, and all types of inquiries are taking place. Now why is that?I’ll tell you why, because he was a multimillionaire. After 18 plus years in prison, I know of at least 10 different suicides that have happened in prison. And this is something that happens in prisons all over the country. And 99.9% of the time the story never makes the news or newspaper. Nor are there these big inquiries or corrections officers called to accountability for their neglect. But yet again we can see the effects that money has on our society.Because now people in society want answers.But my question is this, what makes Mr Epstein’s life more news worthy than any other human being?The same efforts should be put forth to investigate any neglect concerning suicide in prison. But I guess if your not famous or rich it doesn’t matter. It’s clear that money does matter. The sports world is in an uproar because Colt’s quarterback Andrew Luck retired from football this week.Everyone can’t seem to believe it. He left at least a half a billion in contract money on the table. But to Andrew Luck, his physical and mental health means more to him than money. Most people can not understand this. Money motivates people to all types of injurious things to themselves as well as others. Our society teaches that money is the only way to have true success. As long as this type of thinking continues in our society,MONEY WILL ALWAYS MATTER!

DOC #414-917

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