Anthony Pierre


unni Amen Ra El-Bey
Tribal member of the Tcho Tchoma Tchopitoulas
Choctaw Nation of New Orleans.
Halito brothers and sisters!
First I give submission to the powers that be, and secondly for my Nation of elders, our Hotep family first lady Raina, my personal savior Ra El for believing in me, my family and my brothers across the state of Louisiana incarcerated. You know who you are.
Words cannot begin to discribe how much I love you all and the mercy and love that was extended from our Lord for allowing us to come together. The Bible says that “The Lord made us in different nations and tribes that we may not dispise one another, but that we may get to know one another.” Throughout the exemplified experiences we’ve all encountered together on our sojourn, I thank the Great much for all of you and those who have yet to come to the fold of their own.
(Sighs)… Some people use to say “I wouldn’t make it to see this day.” But were they wrong. The Creator would use a fool to confound the pretended wise to convey a clear message. Because a fool I use to be. I have many reasons to be thankful to the Lord Almighty for. If my Nation is reading this, I love you all so much. I just want our people, all people to live in harmony and embrace each other in love. Ra El my savior taught me from our prophets of old that “We must love instead of hate.” Likewise, our first lady of our Hotep Nation taught us that “A wise man/woman speak very little words.” Reason being, our wise words, ways and actions are the applications of the manifestations as within-outwardly. No one on earth can truly measure love or truth. That is what the Tcho Tchoma Tchopitoulas Indigenous Tribal Peoples have done for me and those who walk and have walked with me on the plane of fleshless things. It’s been nearly 21 years since the date of my starting point of incarceration, and here I’m about to walk out of prison blessed and as a blessing to others.
For all of you- no matter what religious house you all belong to. I love you in God our father’s name. Let’s pull together and be a family. Sunni Amen Ra El-Bey.

DOC #00356090

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