A Right For Timothy, Not For Me. How Can This Be When He Is Just Like Me? by Shara Cooper T

The United States Constitution displays that which are to be rights for all people. Rights it may be. But rights only for some and not all equally.
I can only speak from right where I am at… incarcerated that is.
I am talking about the rights of those indicted and convicted being treated equally as others similarly situated.
So my perspective on things may seem (to some) a little whack.
That’s okay. I still speak truth from my perspective of facts.

The Constitution says that we have a right to Due Process of Law.
The Constitution provides a right to be treated equally with those similarly situated.
The Constitution holds the right to the fundamental rights of the law.

Yet, I find myself in a situation being denied the right that has been given to another who is very much like me. Denied a right that is fundamental indeed. Denied a Constitutional right that must be applied through the due process of law.

I ask the question a thousand times over, “Why does Timothy Ivory Carpenter” get rights and relief, and I don’t.
I look at his case and I see that Timothy is just like me.
The exact same measures that Law Enforcement illegally used to indict and convict Timothy, they did to me.
The U.S. Supreme Court rendered a bold and direct decision in Timothy’s case. Clear that is. Still, the Lower Court’s refuse to accept defeat.

“The Fourth Amendment Right granted by the Supreme Court applies only to Timothy. The decision in his case don’t apply my case.” This is what they say and work desperately to cause me to believe. Even though I read Timothy’s situation and see that he is just like me.

The State Attorneys and Judges of the Lower Court’s,
Are they not required to follow the orders set forth by the U.S.Supreme Court?
You may answer ‘yes’ and they would say ‘yes’ too. But, the fact remains that the Lower Court maneuver their ways to do what they want to do. They call it “legal” to use their “discretion” to choose to apply or not apply the law to cases before them.
Justified power. Truth is, the Lower Court’s hold the power to decide however they may. It appears to be that the U.S. Supreme Court is not needed and the U.S. Constitution is a lie.
Talk about “Equal Protection of the Law”. There is nothing equal about it at all when the Lower Court’s hold the power to render injustice at any cost.

Every day people are sentenced drastically differently even though they have the same charges.
One may get 10 years while another gets a life sentence.
There is nothing equal about that.

The same Constitutional rights are given to some, protected for others, and ignored for many.
There is nothing fundamental about that.

To show equality to those similarly situated, obviously matters not. With another denial, I cannot help but to wonder what is the difference between Timothy and I.
Could it be that I am a woman and he is a man that makes the difference? It’s a sad thing to believe that gender plays a role in decision making.
Could money be that which makes the difference? The power of the dollar never fails to make a great impression.
Could it be that he is in the High Court and I am not? Are not all Courts of the land vested to operate with unbiased equality.

I am baffled at the fact that Timothy gets to uphold his Fourth Amendment Right when I am being told this Right does not apply to mine.
In more ways then one Timothy Carpener and I are just alike.
His Right granted. Mine denied.
That is, the same Fourth Amendment Right we both claim.
How can this be?

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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