Tony Lewis

A Letter To Kandi, by Tony Lewis

Title of blog: A Letter To Kandi
Written by: Lil’ Tony, a prisoner of Kansas

To: Kandi Burruss, a RealHouse Wives Of Atlanta

Some time ago,
Micheal Bernard Beckwith once said: ” You can start with nothing, and out of nothing and no way, yet…a way can be made.”

Well…Kandi, the reason Im reaching out for favor, to you so spontaneously, is because I strongly believe in what Mr.Beckwith spoke; and I was hoping, that with a little support, you could assist me, in being the man my mother raised me to be; by doing something very little of us do now-and-day: and thats accept responsibility for my actions, but also, attempting to tread an extra mile, to do whats necesserary in fixing whatever wrong which was done, to the people who didnt deserve it.
Let me explain:
On the night of April 30th I watched your segment on Celebrity PAGE TV, and afterwards, I was so inspired by what you spoke that I summoned some couarge, to sit down and do the unthinkable- write out a cry-for-help, to one of the most popular peaches beside Porsha…you, Kandi.
But as you know, being a successful entrepreneur yourself, one should’nt have any fear in the mind, with a big dream in their hearts; despite the merit that fear may hold.
See, Kandi, I was apprehensive at reaching out to you in seeking your mentorship, because I’d told myself you wouldnt care to take such a chance with a person like me: some stranger Man…who was once a boy… who’d commited some terrible trangressions in his past… but has grown since then, and done realiezed the importance of Life, and how so many things were taken for granted by my old way of thinking. So yes, I feared that despite my current efforts of redeeming myself, you wouldnt give a chance at looking at who I can be…because you probably wouldnt be able to look past who I was.
But I assure you Kandi, who I was, is not who I AM, and if youd let me, I’d like my actions to speak instead of my words.
Kandi, instead of sitting around letting time tick by, lately, Ive been at work in the small space of my prison cell, crafting out million dollar ideas and penning chapters of several books plan to publish. The reason Im using most of my time so productively is because I have goals; goals which requires determination, time and effort. My main goal, is to turn my life around in a way that can make my parents and many siblings proud of me. And I want to do that, through positive thinking and a steadyly gowing knowledge on entrepenuerism, which I try to feed everyday.

Amongst the several books Ive started, one of them is a special self-help, I titled: ” A Million Wayz II Make A Million Wagez.” In this book, Im aiming to teach prisoners and parloees how to license ideas from a prison cell. For so long, alot of us prisoners have been carrying notions, that the only way we can obtain decent money is through the drug trade or by comminting some other crimes for financial security. But through this book, and the documented actions I shall add with it, Im going to show the world that that isnt true.
Kandi, I want to not only apologize to those six woman I robbed of money and sex, but I also want to bless them A MILLION dollars, as a token of my sincerity.
Now, Im sure you think Im going to ask you to donate such a chunk of change, because the truth is this, as I write this here letter to you, Ive got less than a hundred bucks to my name. But I assure you, Im not. What I need your help in is, allowing me to have a 15 mintue conversation with you and Todd, about some products Ive developed, which I believe will do wonders on the market.
Here, take this as example: This is the idea I thought of, which I want to license to you.
Kandi’s Kandi Apple WEAR
By us becoming partners, at bringing this product to market, we, at the end, shall both be finanically satisfied; for you, you’ll have many more milions to add the many you already have, and I…well, I can say I can honor of saying that through positive thinking, I became a self made million from a prison cell and was able to rectify my wrongs in a way which most likely will inspire thousands to do the same.
So yeah…this offer, will be nothing but a win-win.
So whatta say? Can a young brotha get some help, cause man, I gotta tell you…the buck, stops here. I gotta do something, Kandi.
please, I need you.

Sincerely Expressed

Tony T. Lewis
DOC #98308

I can be reached via

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