Mark Blain

The Way, by Mark Blain


In the “Preface” we briefly discussed the generalization of our main topic, “The Way” (Heb. “derek”). Here in our “Introduction” we will clarify something concerning HOW we perceive Scripture.

It’s not a simple thing to claim we UNDERSTAND when it comes to “The Scriptures” and the “Writings of the New Testament.” In fact, I have come to the conclusion that, if I were to say that “Scripture is a loaf of bread, and I might be fortunate enough to comprehend a crumb of that loaf,” more as likely as not, I’d be a liar. More true would be to say, “I might have a sub-atomic particle of one/billionth of the dust that makes up the flour of that crumb”: in reality, that’s how very little we REALLY know about the Bible.

This present work makes a pitiful attempt, by a piece of dust (dirt/clay/earthen vessel) (myself) to express what it is I believe Yahweh has opened my heart and mind to, and especially the Spirit (life) He gave breath to.

It takes the central idea that, genealogically-wise, the (so-called) NAMES are not people, but in reality, they are “States-of-Existence.” You/I both begin as “Adam”-(dirt/clay). From the “state” of Adam (Heb. “aw-dawm”) we developed/evolve gradually, through each one of the names in the genealogical accounts, as a process, til we, just like Yashua Messiah, become a Christlike (anointed one) being.

Now, while I realize that this proposed premise flies in the face of all that most hold doctrinally sound, and because of such many will attempt to classify me as theologically heretical, I assure you there is no intention to deceive anyone on my part. The foregoing, and the main part of the thesis is what I sincerely believe Yahweh wants me to share.

I only ask you, the reader, to give the thesis a thorough reading, and study what I propose. Don’t take what I write at face value, much like people do when they go to Sunday Services: they listen to their trusted pastors, receiving what some might call “a word of truth,” and then, much like a macaw, they run out and PARROT what the preacher said, without even once looking over that which the pastor preached on, in order to see, as “the Bereans” (Acts 17:10-11) “whether those things were so.”

In this work, I provide every reference from “Strong’s” possible, along with all openness, so that the reader can easily research for themselves. You don’t have to do the work. I’ve done it for you. All you have to do is look up the referencing. It will outright prove what I propose, or at the least, suggest the validity thereof.

Since the premise of this work is the idea that — genealogically-wise — the names are not people, but are in reality, “States-of-existence,” we must, to that end, redefine certain terminology from the English versions of the Bible. One such term is “fathered,” for all genealogies, etc., use this fallacy, attempting to literally suggest that a man fathered/sired a child. So, beginning here we will first offer a different understanding of that word, so as to totally redefine the entire idea of the names in the genealogies, and in future series of these studies, to redefine various concepts and thought-forms as well open your eyes to SEE the REAL TRUTH that has been hidden for many ages. It is about learning the “Spiritual Significance” that I want you to be comprehensive of.

May your efforts and endeavors on this Journey Called Derek be blessed by Yahweh, Selah.

Sincerely – Yahweh’s servant, Mark Blain

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