Taran Helms

The Loudest Sound That Exist is Silence so Listen, by Taran Helms

Listen as my heart speaks (boom boom boom boom), saying words that will never truly be understood but felt. Explore my mind thru the window of my eyes, because my blinds are open and there you stand. The sunrise to my sunset, the only memory that will forever last as the other ones drift away and I tend to forget. (Hmmmmm)
From the touch of my hand, or kiss from my lips (smuuaah) its amazing how without a thunderstorm lightning and thunder can exist. With just an embrace so many things can be erased and new things can begin to be written. The pheromones from your soul intrude my nostrils, creating thoughts and emotions that ignite my genitals. Aphrodisiac……You breath into my breath (sigh) and two things that were just individuals just became one. Just as I enter your womb I bring life to your tomb, starting the metamorphosis and process of a butterfly emerging from its cacoon…
Listen do your hear that… Its the sound of love unfamiliarly familiar from the time before you emerge. Unconditional and true, something that can be given to so many but is specifically for you. Think of a tear and how it originates, then think of within something that can be seen thru, so much resides and resignates. Meaninglessly meaningful….
Its amazing that the only way you can hear what has more meaning than any words that has been created, and defined is by doing the simplest thing that requires no movement, and takes no time. Shhhhhhhhhhh Listen to the silence…

Taran Helms
DOC #A553971

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