Travis Smith


I don’t have a lot of time..Um ,I um I’m a formal employee of area 51, I um , was let go on a medical discharge about a week ago ,and I , kinda have been running across the country , um , I don’t know where to start.They’re gonna triangulate on this emission really really soon , okay , um , well what were thinking of aliens – their extra dimensional beings that , an earlier precursor to the space program made contact with. They are not what they claim to be, uh , they have infiltrated , uh , a lot of aspects of the military sections of area 51 , the bastards are coming , the military, uh government knows about them , they have a lot of certain areas they could move the world’s population to , uh make it more controllable –
Faaip De oiad – Tool

Richard Meeks sat there smiling to himself on his couch. Some documentary on the history of cars played out in the background. He was not thinking about Ford or the introduction of mass produced vehicles. He was smiling because right now , at this time in the history of the universe , his history path , this Richard Meeks in this universe , knows. He knows about the other universes. This knowledge had only recently come to him. For some reason he has been strongly compelled to read astrophysics books. He was surprised to find him self at a local book store checking out books by Lisa Randall and Brian Greene. The books were about higher dimensions and parallel universes.
It has been a couple of weeks since reading numerous books on quantum mechanics and relativity. Apparently these two theories most accurately describe the reality we exist within. He read about chaotic cosmic inflationary theory. This describes how after a fraction of a second the universe exponentially expanded. But theory says it was not just our universe that was born , but an infinite series of them all separated by enormous tracks of space and the limit of light speed.Quantum mechanics describes a different kind of multiple universes in probability spaces that exist in higher dimensions. These universes are real in their own right and the beings there experience reality in the same manner we do.To them we are in the higher dimensional realm. Really , it is just alternate versions of ourselves.
He sat there feeling good. His life here has not exactly turned out as he imagined. He didn’t have many friends and he was not very successful with women. He had a meager job and lived in a lower class neighborhood. He was overweight and stricken with diabetes. His eyes darted to the computer. Recently his social anxiety has been eased with a set of clandestine people who he communicated with in a completely alien language. He isn’t sure how he had learned the language. He received a anonymous message in it and for whatever reason could understand it. When he began video chatting with this group of people , they were smiling like he had been lately. They all shared a secret. Of course other people knew about the theory of parallel universes. But they ” knew ” indubitably that these other universes were real. It was in their language. A mathematics unknown to any mathematician or physicist in the world was revealed to them. It all made sense as they read the script and put the puzzle together. God , it all made sense now. How anyone could not see the big picture how all the universes and the mind were connected , it was just obvious now.
And because of this , the people who were doing the worse here in this world , were smiling the biggest. They were smiling because they “knew” that there were a limitles number of themselves , of their mind’s wave function ,that filled every crevice of reality. As soon as they died here they would simply awake as an infant and live out another life.Maybe some places were worse , but that was okay because they didn’t have to stay there. They knew somewhere in there mind this secret would keep and they would know.They could simply check out another universe to see if they liked it…And if not?
Richard Meeks walked over to his kitchen table and stood there. He glanced out his back door and saw the neighbor kids running around having a blast. They yelled and screamed and ran. He shivered with glee. Imagine that.To just start over. It was incredible. It was so simple. To be young again running around full of energy. To have a crush on a girl and have her actually like you back. His grinned nearly stretched across his entire face.
Richard reached down and grabbed the shining blue steel. He felt its mass in his hand and shuddered with anticipation. He thought about his body and the inside. He was really nothing but high speed units of infinitesimally small energy held together by the four forces and frozen into substance by Einstein’s equation e=mc2. The mind or soul was but a extremely fast vibrating quantum of space. The vibrating created a frequency of energy that the brain was designed to utilize in microstructures as a quantum effect. It existed before the big bang and would always exist and be capable of of being used by a brain. It didn’t have to be this brain.
Richard Meeks’ smile was frozen on his face like a lunitic clown. His glassy gaze was fixed on the children playing outside.God , how he wanted a new life and now it was possible. He lifted the gun in a fluid motion and without a trace of hesitation placed it at the side of his head behind the ear slightly angled toward the rear of his skull.His eyes fixed on a kid jumping of his deck, he pulled the trigger.Just as the kid landed a beautiful blackness engulfed his thoughts and his entire being. The words in his head ,”its so beautiful”. Then his body collapsed into a useless pile of flesh.His eyes stared blankly at the kid who landed from the jump who ran like a cheetah and disappeared into another part of the yard.

Travis Smith
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