Dana Rister

I Remember the Day the Birds Fell From the Sky, by Dana Rister

The first bird fell and I didn’t know what to think.I mean how was I supposed to know this was the begining of a global conspiracy. the first thought in my jaded mind, was it must of ate some chow hall food.but then the other birds started falling, and I knew something wasn’t right. that was ten years ago. I was doing time in Ohio’s deadliest prison , in Toledo. I’ve lived in violent neighborhoods. so I was kind of prepared for what I saw. I’ve seen a guy get the metal plate in his head stomped right out of his head. that was in the chow hall, ah yeah, fine dining ambiance. I’ve seen a guy get his head beat to pulp by two other inmates with baseball bats in the rec yard. after that the prison put a gag order on all the deaths happening in the prison. it used to be that you could watch a body bag get wheeled out of the prison. and you’d watch the news that night, and find out weather it was suicide ,natural causes, or murder. but after five murders in one year, they put an end to media exposure. all the violence in my life was a preperation for the world I live in now. when I was a young boy of seven, I used to look at pictures my dad had in a brief case.my dad was in the army. he was explosives ordinance disposal. E.O.D. for short. anyway my dad had pictures of people who were making bombs in their kitchens and dining rooms, etc. well of course these people never completed their task. and my dad was called to defuse the situation.and take photos. there usually wasn’t much of a body left. most of the photos just looked like spaghetti flung all over the walls.then three was the time the family was driving late at night in rural Pennsylvania, and we came across a very bad head on collision involving a drunk driver in a big ole four door. he hit a couple in a jeep cj7. now the dashboard in a jeep back then was metal at a ninety degree angle to the persons knees sitting in the jeep. well I just remember these two people lying in the road, moaning and screaming in pain, eyes full of fear and I’m standing next to the lady looking at the two holes where her knee caps had once been. and I said, “mommie where’s her knee caps”. my mom was horrified, and quickly clamped her hand around my mouth and dragged me away from the scene.things like that scar themselves into your brain. and by the way the drunk that caused this misery, stumbled out of the cornfield beside the road, unscathed by the collision. after the first bird fell, a series of events started to take place. first we were put on lockdown, now this was not to unusual in and of its self. it was after that strange things started to happen. the first of which was the power going out, then the radio went to static. that’s when I started to have a bad feeling. inmates started banging on their doors but no guards ever showed up.after twenty four hours I knew I had to do something, first I filled up as many containers as I could, with water, luckily I had a large garbage bag which I filled up.I had a case of ramen noodles and two jars of peanut butter, so starving wouldn’t happen any time soon. I knew I had to get out of this cell. I had two ways to go, into the prison, with the junkies killers and rapists. or into the unknown, through the outside wall, eight inches of reinforced concrete. I had some experience going through concrete with small hand tools. I once broke into a building using a flathead screwdriver and hammer, I chiseled my way through a concrete block wall, only to find out that I was in the wrong spot, so I had to start a new hole three feet over from the first one.so I poke my head into this old building that’s been closed down for years and its scary inside ,dark. I crawl in and make my way to the other side of the building, I thought the place would be full of copper, it wasn’t. well I go to open up a door and this very loud alarm goes off. I shit my self. I ran as quick as I could to the hole I made in the back wall and ran for the train tracks in back of the place. for years I sat in this cell and looked at the metal bar that supports the metal table beside my bunk. its two feet long and a half inch thick. I always thought if there’s ever a riot I’m kicking this table off the wall and getting that metal bar. so I started kicking at the table. well let me tell you, these things ain’t meant to come off the wall easy. I had to fill my metal locker box with every heavy thing in my cell, mostly books. and then I used the box as a battering ram, it still took a couple hours to get it of f the wall. I’m cool with the guys in the cells on either side of me. i told them my plans and I told them to start chiseling holes Into the walls between our cells. then when we are all in my cell we can work on the outside wall hole. I figure I’m gonna have to make a good size hole so as to make allowance for the rebar in the wall. Im gonna have to bend that shit out of the way, cutting is not an option. one of the guys in the cell next to mine is just about to make it through the wall between our cells, but it will still take another day to get the hole big enough for him to squeeze through. his name is hatchet man, he got the nickname cause he killed his father with a short handled ax. was up for weeks on meth, said he thought his dad was a monster. kid aint but twenty years old. I just heard a humming noise, it was steadily getting louder. I looked out my window, and over the horizon line of the woods next to the prison, what I thought was a swarm of locusts over took the sky. they steadily flew over the prison for at least ten minutes. only they weren’t locusts. they were drones. there must have been ten thousand of them, I don’t know who controls them or where their going, but its an ominous sign. I finally broke through to the outside, its just a hole the size of a dime but its progress….

Dana Rister
DOC #609147

PS – Thank you Suzie.

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