Travis Nettles

by Travis Nettles

seprate to isolate…frm 7 almighty knowledge born wisdom allah….peace i pray all is well within ur life,as for me i am personally evolving academically conducting equality meaning i am at peace …now i would like to put these words on ur mind and heart…one’s mind developes,views are ripened,the heart finds repose and one finds oneself to be in an ideal atmosphere,separate to isolate…once u isolate u have distance ur self frm trials,also frm the eyes of jealous and envious people,ur more safer frm the haughtiness of the pround and the follies of the foolish.payattention as ur faults,deeds and sayings are all secluded behind a veil u are able to delve deep into a sea of ideas and concepts.ur mind is free to achieve a state of rapture and to hunt for the stimulating thought, every person who was or are genius,a mental gaint or a great contributor to the human race watered the seeds of their greatness frm the well of isolation until the seeds become plants then finally formidable trees,sometimes u have to separte to isolate…how can u be ur self if u do not see urself…#words frm the wise…this is my intimation of the week please know and rember u can follow me weekly for i only inspire to aspire before i expire,i end this the same way i begin while saying have a bless day with a blissful night im 4ever personally evolving academically conducting equality…(peace)…

Travis Nettles
DOC #735-142

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