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Sacrifice, by Alvin King

SACRIFICE– The act of offering to a deity in propitiation or homage.
The ritual slaughter of a animal or a person.Forfeiture
of something highly valued for the sake of one thought
to have a greater value or claim. . .


Sharing – And – Caring – Is – First – In – Conquering – Excellence

Sacrifice is a over used word that’s very underrated by the majority of people. Some times consciously and other times unconsciously, regardless of the mental positioning, the consequences are real and non bias to people, problems, or predicaments. We as people must embrace two understandings ,one is that what we do always affects somebody including ourselves. The second is that nothing is free in life because it will cost something either in the area of family, financially, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally,
Sacrifices are good when they are used appropriately but when used the wrong way, they will deliver and implement some sort of repercussion. Sometimes the cost of a sacrifice will be more costly than the symbolization of the sacrifice. For example, You are happily married with two children and financially stable. You have a one night affair and catches a STD. You then pass it on to your spouse. Your marriage is destroyed and your relationship imagery with the children is ruined as well. There’s no way that the cost was worth the purchase or that the outcome was worth the behavior.

Life better known as the process of nature has an agenda and that rotation will never be interrupted even when our decisions are not in accordance with nature’s systematical schedule. So with that being factual and unchangeable, one has to take in consideration the extremes of cause & effect associated with sacrifices when making sacrifices. In other words, calculate your sacrifices cause by doing that you protect yourself and others. When people rush into thoughtless decisions there’s a 90% chance that sacrifices will negatively manifest their way into your life and handcuff your control over your life and the suffering you pass on to others. The reason your control is attacked and confiscated is because you never have a solid price quote to what your sacrifice cost. You only have a estimation…………

Lets examine some scenarios for clarity and understanding ownership. We will start with the challenges of scarification dealing with incarceration. There are many levels of representation on this topic, so we will discuss a couple. First, We will use a 17 year old teenager and evaluate the manipulation of the decision making process taking place by a commitment to sacrifice. This 17 year old individual recently met another individual around 6 months ago. The two was united by the common interest of being in the same gang. So they hung out about 3 hours a day and discarded school and work regularly. So one of the teenagers was causing problems by stealing a man’s car. The man call the police and explained the siuation to the officers. The teenager was upset and felt the man was not suppose to tell. So he goes and gets his new friend and tells him that the old man and is son called the police on him and he wanted him to help him get even. The two teenagers follow the old man and his son to the gas station and attempts to attack them. The old man fatally shoots the teenager who was “so called ” helping his newly found friend. This teen foolishly made the ultimate sacrifice because once the process of sacrifice begins you are at it’s mercy. Now this sacrifice hurts any one that cared for the teenager & love ones. This teen could have grew up to become a parent but now those lives has also been forfeited and sacrificed.

Second I will use a popular set of circumstances to show some transparency to a reflection of a problematic commonality that effects so many families of today. Drug abuse will be the monster of this story line used to establish how sacrificing can go terribly wrong. We have a young adult a round 28 years old with a promising future. He has a great wife and three wonderful children. They have a comfortable home and two nice vehicles. However, he starts to occasionally use some recreational drugs. Feeling he has no problem and can stop whenever he wants. First, he starts to feel he functions better under the influence and that leads to him mismanaging the finances. Then comes the time when he begins to slowly sacrifice his meaningful relationships with family and friends. His weird behavior has made him seem distance and untrustworthy. Now the wife thinks he is cheating and the boss thinks he is moonlighting. So the wife and kids leave him which enhances his desires to get more drugs. This guy sacrificed everything of value he was associated with for a few moments of pleasures.

The key to this message is that when you sacrifice for something negative, the repercussions that come back is usually bad and you cannot control the situation. So understand the law of sacrifice, “” never jeopardize what’s most important for some things least important.

Sacrificial behavior is only appropriate when you consciously embrace and endure a set of consequences that’s unfavorable to you for the betterment
of others or another person. Like working two jobs so your child can obtain
a higher education.

1. What are you willing to sacrifice and at what cost.

2. What are some of the reasons we make sacrifices?

3. Who will you make Sacrifices for?

4. Can you live with yourself if a sacrifice you are responsible for cannot be

5. Are you strong enough to learn valuable lessons from other people’s
sacrifices? ( because you can learn without suffering )

Alvin King
DOC #A224312

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