Taran Helms

It Was In You, by Taran Helms

Count the raindrops it took to fill the sea…
Or find the ground without roots that produced a tree…
Specify how many grains of sand their is on a beach….
Then tell me something anyone knows, that was learned by someone or something that didn’t teach…

The impossible only exist to those who believe in boundaries and limits….
Like when they told us it was the sky, and then on the moon found footprints….
Stars only existed in the same place as the planets and the sun…
Until I looked into your eyes, and in that moment my journey begun…

In search of what meaning really meant….
Trying to find something that obviously existed but that man didn’t invent….
Something that needs nourishment as much as everything that grows….
But changes as much as the direction in which the wind blows…

Through several trials and even more tribulations…..
The experiences teaching like an epiphany that came to me like a revelation…
But the journey and what I was seeking was necessary, but something I really didn’t have to pursue…
Because what I was in search of wasn’t a thousand miles away, it stood right in front of me the whole time…… It was you

Taran Helms
DOC #A553971

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