Davin Wallace

Horrific to Terrific, by Davin Wallace

Read 2 Sam.11:2-15
Its much that i have asked forgiveness for & much that i have forgiven. At one time i had such a hatred for rapist that i despised to death. A story i have shared w/maybe 2 people because of the pain i & my mother suffered & because of the shame of not being able to help my mother. But as a child of God my life is a open book for testimony & glorification unto my Lord. When i was about 4 yrs. old i woke up to a masked man on top of my mother while she cried for the man not to hurt her me who was in the bed w/her & my new born brother who was in the next room in his crib. Its amazing & has been painful to remember this night & the fact i was right beside my mother as she was raped. That night probably was the most horrific nights as remember how my mother afterwards screamed & threw things down the stairs behind the man as he made his escape. i never knew who this man was but as i grew older i vowed that if i had a indication of who the man was i would kill him. But today only because of God, i literally forgive this man & if he’s still living i would tell him w/tears & joy i love him but more important God loves him. Today i find myself looking to Holy Spirit for the strenght to forgive others, often being men & women who abuse their position.
King David saw a woman bathing, & David wanted her. Though Bathsheba was the wife of one of his loyal soldiers (Uriah), David took her anyway. When she told David she was pregnant, he committed a despicable act of treachery by arranging for Uriah to be murdered on the battlefield. David abused his power against Bathsheba & Uriah & violated not only their marriage but her body. This was & is the evil reality that we must deal with. Like this sad story & mine & many others they must be told & heard to caution & prepare others for such evil. David was a man after God’s own heart, but also a man who needed to be held accountable for how he misused/abused his authority. By God’s grace, redemption is possible. David eventually repented which show by God’s grace hard hearts can turn from death to life.
Read John 15:17 & 6:47-48.
John 6:47-48 is probably a familiar scripture. But today lets do something new w/it. i want to put it together w/John 15:17.
Love. That one word sums up all Jesus said for us to do. If you’ll build your life on it, even the most violent storms of this world will make u solid in every area of your life.
If we’ll build our families in love, we can win back those the devil has stolen from us. We can win them to Jesus w/the love of God. If we’ll build our businesses on love, we’ll prosper beyond our wildest dreams. i had a friend who did that. He was a man once named “Hustleman” doing over a life sentence. One day he gave his life over to God & eventually literally got into the prison ministry from the inside of place of bitterness, egoes, stress, drugs, manipulation, abuse of authority etc. He grew so close to God & was so dedicated to serving God & those around him, he offered things that the average man let alone a inmate would give. Most people was either stunned by, confused by or questioning his walk. But his response always related back to the Word of God. His thoughts was if i bless u, God will bless me. So he would seek inmates, counselors, officers, family members etc out to give them the better part of life & his relationship w/them. Unexpectedly by others but faithfully anticipated by him he eventually supernaturally my brother ended up making parole & now living a prosperous life preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in a church where he is valued & loved. He is also continuing the prison ministry God started thru him now from the outside in.
When love rules, prosperity can flow & forgiveness can be lived. Commit to living the life of love today. Commit to building your house upon the rock. Then when the storms of life begin to blow at home, at work or in any situation, u can enjoy the solid security of knowing that love never fails. Check out 1 Cor.13:8-13.
God bless & love all!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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