Shara Cooper

After The Tears, by Shara Cooper

Hardships. Difficulties. Disappointments. These each, individually and collectively, have the ability to breed tears.

The pain that stings from deep within will cause the soul to cry from deep within. And, there is nothing wrong with that.

For one to cry and weep is still quite often viewed as a sign of weakness.
Yet, this is not so.

Cry. Yes, cry!
It is okay to just cry.
Shed a tear or two.
Shed as many tears as long as you need to.
How easy to forget that we are human. A people made of many emotions at our very core. Emotions that sometimes in life find themselves needing to be released through our Tears.

However long we may take to cry and shed some Tears matters not.
What matters most is that we know that After The Tears are done there is more to come…

After The Tears, there comes a strength beyond your expectations.
After The Tears, there comes a clarity and ability to stand and withstand the hardship, difficulty, and disappointment.
After The Tears, there appears hope and light once again from down in the dark place.

It would do us justice to not resist The Tears.
To not hold them back.
Neither should we be ashamed and hold our heads down.
It is those very tears that will lead us to strength, courage, and hope.
Yes, After The Tears, you and I will find strength, courage, and hope!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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