Larry Williams


For so long I’ve been trying to figure out where has my energy been directed. Not just in all the books I read, but my personal growth default energy. Meaning, I had to figure out what was I focused on, when I was not focused on anything. With a little bit of inquiring I finally found my answer. But the crazy part about that is I can’t even say I found love, peace and happiness. I feel they have found me, because what people don’t understand is, they can’t be demanded from life, they aren’t stations you arrive at, but they are the manner you travel. And the reason they are so important to me is cause the majority of the world misunderstands them. So I have dedicated my life to helping the misunderstood. So let me start with the definitions. Love: unselfish loyalty and benevolence for others. Peace: a freedom from disturbing thoughts or emotions. Happiness: a state of well being and contentment. Now happiness has to be induced, by having your mind fixed on something other than your own happiness. Like understanding, a purpose, or the happiness of others. Because money, people, or material things bring you only a pleasurable satisfaction. Key word, pleasure, and what’s the root word of pleasure. Please. So to please you, it has to come from outside of you. Now tell me, how can anyone say they are content or freed from disturbing thoughts and emotions, if they are invariably seeking their next gratification outside of themselves. I’m a tell you why. Because people tend to misinterpret happiness with having a smile on their face, which is only a facial expression that represents amusement. Or they think getting everything they want materialistically will bring them peace. And this is where the disconnection for understanding is happening. Now I can tell you what happiness is like. Happiness is like watching your son or daughter be born into the world, and then grow up to accomplish his or her most desired dreams. And peace comes when you find purpose and understanding for life itself through disciplined learning. And the unique part about it is, the definition for love is in there also. Because when you are unselfish with your benevolence and you have your mind fixed on bringing purpose and understanding to life itself and the lives of others. It will in turn make you happy and put you at peace. And the peace and happiness you feel will become inconspicuous to you during that manifestation. But that is when you will have ultimately discovered the real definition of love. Which is inducing the manifestation of peace, and happiness for others than before your own. I’m not talking about the kind love you get from by how someone treats you. That kind of love is dependent. Like a heroin addict and his dealer. What will you do when they give no more love(drugs). Real love comes from the inside out, through random acts of kindness and generosities. I’m talking about the kind of love that will make a father run into a burning building just to save his child. Or give a mother the strength to lift a car that weighs tons from off the top of her child. This love doesn’t need reassurance. Because when love like this is so strong for yourself, life, and others, and you are grateful without the desire for anything except the manifestation of love, peace, and happiness for them. The happiness inside of you pours out to those around you automatically, through your respect, and admiration for them. Which will bring you into the realization that you are happy fulfilling the duties of what you love. And that my friends is when you will be at true peace. Because you understand, your heart is pure, and you are content. Love, Peace, and Happiness to all.

Larry Williams
DOC #617316

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