Aaron Austin

7 Years, by Aaron Austin

The sentence that was imposed and handed down to me at 22.The amount of time decided would be enough to repay my debt to society for defending myself as a black man.Lost in the system after being face with a no win situation.
For 7 years Carlos Hardiman my brother in arms been gone.,I had the luxuries of playing sports with him,growing older with him & knowing him for a total of 12 years.I gave a beautiful lil girl your name in rememberence before the DNA came back and altered the situation.
Instead of seeking vengeance or trying to relinquish revenge 4 u I became more adept at being sound of mind& self disciplined. I listen to Lukas grahams 7 years old and see how quickly these chapters or intervals in life pass.I’ll never let go of your memory or let your torch not be inflamed.Those who abandoned u will be put to shame broadi Long live Los.1992%

Aaron Austin #711-099
T.c.I po box 901
leavittsburg oh 44430

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