Davin Wallace

Woke Up To Wake Up, by Davin Wallace

A few days ago i woke up feeling familiness. i don’t know if these thoughts & feelings came about because i’m not in communication w/family & old friends or because of my current situation of being jobless, without & bored or because i desire to fellowship w/family & love ones but it isn’t one or because i’m seeing signs my children separating from one another & their mother like me & my siblings was separated & i from my mother & her from her siblings & parents. Even though i believe my children & their mother situation is nothing like me & my siblings & mother’s & her siblings & parents separation & that they are just going through a trying season, it still rehash the thought & memories of being separated & i pray & declare that will never take place w/my children. i really didnt know what triggered the loneliness but what i did know is that i needed to get w/the Lord. So i hopped in the shower & as i just put my head under the water & just prayed. And the only words that came out of my mouth was thank u. After that i started thanking God for much. Instantly the Holy Spirit reminded me that i have a big, powerful & loving family (God & the body of Christ whom is under & in our God, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit). For a moment i thought about me & my siblings separation at young ages, me & my mother’s distance, the physical separation of my children & even the emotional & spiritual separation between me & those i was once close with. God spoke to me w/calmness & confidence that all things work together for my & others good whom love Him.
After getting w/the Father i went straight to His Word.

Read Habak. 3:17-19.
The prophet Habakkuk predicted that tough times were on the way(1:5; 2:1) & things would get worse before they got better. The end of the prophecy finds him pondering the potential of earthly losses & the word “though” makes a threefold appearance: “Though the fig tree does not bud; though the olive crop fails; though there are no sheep in the pen & no cattle in the stalls”.
How do we position ourselves in the face of unimaginable losses such as loss of health or employment, separation from love ones, once friends & great fellowship & church & even separation from comfort? Habakkuk advice for tough times calls us to confident faith & trust in God, who is the source of salvation, strength & stability for yesterday, today & forever. In the end we who trust Him will never be disappointed.
Please say this prayer w/me in agreement for & over all including me: Dear heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, even when life is tough & uncertain, please keep our faith anchored in You, our source of salvation & strength, continue to guide us in truth that we have a loving & caring family in & w/u & all those whom u have given to as family, friends & love ones will blessed under & in the same covenant established thru Christ so that we will forever be loved. In Jesus name thank u & amen!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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