Shara Cooper

Ooopps! by Shara Cooper

Ooopps! I hit send on a blog that I did not finish.
It wasn’t ready to be posted.
It was incomplete or so I thought. Ooopps!

Undeniably, my initial reaction was a combination of embarrassment and frustration.
Being hard on myself for not paying attention. Thinking that I saved the blog in the draft rather than the outbox. Ooopps. Where did I go wrong?

Then, It hit me.
Relax Shara! Just chill!
Life is full of a bunch of Ooopps!
Mistakes are bound to happen. And when they do…embrace it!
We all make mistakes. We all move a little too fast at times. We all make a mess of a situation. Then again, what seems to be a mess may not be seen as such a mess after all.
Looking for perfection… I may never reach that mark…Ooopps!

There really is no need to be embarrassed. Certainly no need for frustration. Such is life. Ooopps!
To beat up myself, be hard, or critical is totally unnecessary.
Ooopps It happened!
Ooopps it’s done! I need not try to re-do it. Rather, I must move on.

Today I smile and say, Ooopps!
Now I am moving on!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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