Archie Wilder

by Archie Wilder

Life is such a precious gift.In the day in times we live in,none of us know what tomorrow will bring. Since I was a kid I have seen the effects of murder. When I was a child I lost my two uncles Larry and Darnell to murder in the streets of Chicago. My mother’s friend and her two children were killed also when I was a kid. As of today their have been 250 mass shootings in the united States. A lot of them don’t even make the news.The day before the el paso and Dayton mass shootings,there was a shooting in Brownsville new York that 12 people were shot and one person died, but it never made the WORLD NEWS. WHY IS THAT?Mass shootings is something that happens in the united States of America daily. That’s why I tell my loved ones daily to be careful and to be safe, and to pay attention to what’s going on around them.Today is a gift.So cherish the present, make each day count. It’s so sad that people cannot feel safe wherever they go.When live in an era to where if people disagree on a subject, violence not diplomacy is the answer. We need to learn how to be more peaceable with our fellow human beings. Life is so precious, don’t waste it cherish it. Let the ones you love and care about know DAILY how much care about them. And the time you get to spend with them make memories, because tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.Love and Respect

DOC #414-917

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