Dean Giacomo

Trump (part 1), by Dean Giacomo

Before I was arrested and incarcerated I was a life long and diehard Republican (on my 18th birthday in 1981 I dutifully registered to vote and had been a card carrying Republican since, that is until a certain madman has been elected) and voted in every election as a U.S. citizen should. I was Regan/Bush, Bush/Quayle, Bush/Cheney all the way and
anti-Clinton (Bill and Hillary) and would never have even kiddingly thought of voting Democratic. But then in 2016 a billionaire named Donald Trump started campaigning for president and I quickly saw through his thinly veiled facade and saw him for the madman that he truly was and is.
I do not know what overcame the American public that blindly elected a clearly disturbed individual, and individual who would knowingly and willingly destroy this country and everything that it stands for
I truly believe that trump is in cahoots with the anti-American Russian’s. I believe that he is trying to dismantle NATO so his comrades, the Russians, can overrun Europe,and then he could impose totalitarian rule on the USA,that I’m sure would rival Stalin’s communist Russia. I mean think about if NATO were to cease to exist who would defend the countries of Europe they cannot stand alone and one by one they will fall to a new Russian regime,and then Putin would be the dictator of the eastern hemisphere and Trump will be the dictator of the western hemisphere.
In the wake of the two mass shootings (El Paso,TX. and Dayton,OH.)Trump said “hate has no place in this country” , this coming from a xenophobic racsist could not be more hypocritical. But hypocrisy seems to be the in Trumps playbook.
Maybe I’m paranoid or crazy but I don’t think so, its all there in the newsprint,on TV,on the radio, social media and any other form of media there might be.
Well that’s my thoughts on our “wonderful” president.I’m sure I’ll have more in the future.

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