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Prison Media Network Group, by Christopher J. Smith

Political Prisoner & Activist


Good afternoon ladies and gentalmen, before we begin with todays topic, PMNG will like to take A moment to give our condolences to our brothers and sisters who has lost their lives during the EL Paso Texas massacre shooting and their families to know that we are deeply sadden By such attack and want you all to know that we Love you, An you all will Forever be in our hearts and prayers… We also want to give our
Condolences to those in every State and city within our communities who has lost A loved one behind these Political Premedited
Annihilations against people of color… A Hateful mind will never win A war against Common Sense, these are very darken times in which we have to address in order to put A end to this Adversity and hold Congress Accountable who created and set the stage for these National Disarray of Disasters to occur against us all… No matter where you are in this world, stay Positive, violence is not the key! Just know that hidden forces are always with you every step of the way… All you have to do is BELIEVE, and never give up okey because change starts only when you make A stand, so be that hidden force standing for change while our voices continues to fight for our childrens future and always remember my Loves you’re not alone…
Ladies and Gentalmen now lets being with todays topic, “Where have all The good men gone?” Now Ladies to find this Answer, you know PMNG must first take you for A history ride back to the “THEN & NOW” factor, Yes Yes Yes to give you our clear and direct cause in our research to our conclusions in where have all the good men gone… In this segment, I will walk you though my findings by reviewing back into the root cause in the disapperance of our men involving the United States Government Past history and how it effects people of color today during the Jim Crow era and measure how those “Then to Now” sequences demonstrates how Jim Crow was never abolished, but how Congress of the United States 25 years ago generated and executed A Re-formed Caste system as the New Jim Crow which continues Today… So ladies, where have all the good men gone? A question that seems to be avoided from answers in A society nefariously impacted on the land called America… America was home A land that was originally occupied by the Indigenous people for many years, well since the beginning of time such as the Indians, Mexicans, and Latinos… They were A people of civil hospitality, Love and open arms to everyone of any ethnic background from whatever nation the Indigenous people didnt believe in discrimination, however, we as normal natural human beings may have relayed upon decisions based on unbias doubts, you know… Unknowingly the Indigenous people would soon later learn A form of Evil has come to envade them that could diminish their civilization to the possible edge of distinction or would they survive the outcome?… Only the future could tell.
We all have heard many theories, but theres A void that remains today to Actually hear from the voices of the Indigenous people in which I question, “where have they gone”? An whats the real facts?… They conducted to do business with the Europeans all of which dispised the Indigenous people, the Europeans wanted the land, they sought that the Indigenous people had A weakness of disavantage and that disavantage was A lack of weapons of mass destruction… Unknowingly the
Indigenous people was under war with the Europeans who attacked the Indigenous people with Biological Warfare by spreading A man made virus that would ultimately cause death to many without A cure… around the Stonewall era of the 1960’s those same practices were executed by an organization called the (CDC) Center for Disease Control many say who collusionally conspired in the spread of their man made Disease H.I.V. by Distributing the virus to mobile DNA Blood bank vehicles where the Europeans targeted poor communities involving Gays and people of color who Were at those times too, victims of Biological Warfare… As history shows, unreportedly, in those times that was the very first war and massacre with weapons of mass destruction against the Indigenous people from the Europeans who stole this land and took it by virulent force where many men and wemen had lost their lives… When America was taken the Europeans then discovered Africa, the Europeans motives Was world domination, as can be seen today A white man is in control in offices of Government in foreign countries such as Africa whom Europeans has A firm grip on because they are stripping the land of its wealth that is Gold, Rubies, and Diamonds and do nothing for the poor as their made to suffer… The Europeans methods are so shrewd that they pay pennys to War Loards as their way to keep Africans divided to conquer continuous control as personal protection while slaving Africans in the digging for Diamonds and Gold for Europeans own personal gain… My question is when will Africa wake up and take back control? When will the war lords come togather with their community & Government and remove the Evil thats been oppressing them and realize they can be A great and powerful Nation if Africans take control because you have what Europeans want whos been taking it from you and thats GOLD & DIAMONDS, not to mention oil and material products for America Stores, once you control your products, gives you power to control the money! Make America Pay If they want your goods! Oh yeah, put Tariffs on America hit’em where it hurts…
Common Sense beats A war anyday when you take away what they need to survive Economically! As another part of their economic takeover, the Europeans conducted business with African leaders in trading black men For European products such as Hair dye, weapons and so fourth, however, unknowingly black men were being tricked by the Europeans and sold into the slave trade to America and many was kidnapped.
The Indigenous people were segregated into A corner of America which is called Mexico, and the Europeans today treat Mexico As A Third world Country still to this very day and call them illegal immigrants As if the ocean separates Mexico from the United States… Meanwhile the Europeans established A boarder wall between Mexico and Texas and I believe Arizona As their form of Racial/Ethnic Discrimination, As we can see there is No Boarder wall between Atlanta, Chicago, New York, or Baltimore and we can come and go freely in and out of those States but why not Mexicans in Mexico?
Ladies and Gentalmen lets really review the bigger picture here and put the facts into perspective, the Europeans claim that the boarder wall was built to keep out Mexicans because they are
“Marijuana Distributors” “Murderers” and “Rapist” which I found very contradicting when there are States operating in the distribution of marijuana by Europeans within Stores of our communities WHO ARE NOT CERTIFIED MEDICAL PRACTIONERS but who are given state approved Licenses to sell marijuana without the Approval of Federal Law? Secondly, to claim that Mexicans are murderers, statistically, we would have to review the stats here between Mexico and the United States Prime Example Lets Begin With our Law Enforcement, the United States death Rate committed by Law Enforcement against unarmed Black men is around 1,800 per year… That is more than Mexico compare to A quarter of that number of deaths committed by Police in their State which is far less, and Lastly, the Europeans claim that the Mexicans are “serial rapist” in which I found that statement clearly unsupported by facts and I wonder why? Oh, heres A idea their SEGREGATED, when the Truth is and let the “ME TOO” movement be my Witness it is evident as reported today that the prison population involving crimes committed by Rape has always been identified As Rapist from European men! So who are the real criminals here? Lets keep it real about this boarder wall, when the Europeans stole America they tried to Assert Authority over the indigenous people civilization by establishing their own Laws and deem the indigenous people As Slaves if they want to be Americans and serve only one President… The Mexicans resisted to be enslaved and would not bow down to A European terrorist union are their Presidency, so the Europeans built the boarder wall and declared the indigenous people As immigrants on American soil, in my pure opinion/guess of all this, the boarder wall may come down but the Europeans want Mexico to be up under Americas Demacracy and not their own, hypothetically if the boarder wall is not about Racial discrimination or A tug of war in Power… Lets question, where have all the good Indigenous men gone? Many of them have been murdered, Segregated, wrongfully imprisoned and kidnapped by the orders of the United States Government to deport good men back to mexico while leaving their children Fatherless or both
Motherless… Meanwhile, African Americans was slaved into forced labor to build many of the structures within America that we see today such As the United States White House… Due Process, Equal Protection An Civil Rights towards African Americans was one of the most deprived rights the Europeans have continued to systematically deny us in the United States Supreme Courts famous proclamation in the 1857 Case of Dred Scott vs. Sanford, those Judges stated As Quot: “That the (Negro) Black man has No Rights which the white man is bound to Respect”… That is the same perception that our State and Federal Judges are united By from that same common interest Today against innocent African Americans unlawfully held captive in todays prisons.

About 8 years later around June 10th 1865, thats when the emancipationproclamation was generated to declare African Americans free from individual European slavery because there was another catch 22 in their whole grand scheme of things… African Americans are now under Congressional repression and still to this very day of 2019 are being oppressed of our Liberty as innocent men by The United States
Government who then back in the year of 1866 applied the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution in the Civil Rights Act of abolishing slavery but allowed one major exception that slavery remained appropriate as A punishment for A crime… The year of 1894 there was A count of 30,000 European wemen who started an
organization called The Daughters of Confederates who were directly responsible for the creating of the confederate statues memorializing southern generals who fought to keep slavery… They also support the founding leader of the Klu Klux Klan by the name of General B. Forrest, the Daughters of Confederates were just one of many groups who openly and still to this very day opposed the abolition of racist practices Many of those wemen who agree with their ways are members in positions of our United States Government and criminal justice system followed by men who are also United under the same allegiance to the confederate… There is many theories that the United States flag is only the “FACE” of what the Europeans wants us to see, just like the
President of the United States is just only the FACE you know the “CEO” of the United States meanwhile which the confederate flag represents sectarian sovereignties those who stole America and supported slavery such as the Republicans who has dominated and maliciously abused their power and authorities in Congress in what its called
“Totalitarianism” many individuals understand this as Communism which is very simular, but Congress, in reality has political control over the United States of America… Not The President! So to be very clear, I am saying white supremacy is running America… Prime example yall look at Congressman Mitch McConnell and his crew! By the time large numbers of caucasians begin opposing open racism and segregation, Jim crow Laws were already in effect, in 1898 white supremacists forcefully removed African Americans from “Securing the Land” from political offices by resorting to weapons of mass destruction i.e. Hand guns, shot guns, rifles; that sort of thing… Under the 13th Amendment to the United States Constituton, ladies and gentalmen heres their catch 22, black men were being Fraudulently and Falsely accused for horrible crimes subjecting men back into slavery, and those same practices are still being demonstrated by our Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice system in the State of OHio on A clever level at its all time High! Europeans were still lynching blacks regularly and it was normal to whites to see blacks jailed or hung for being accused of raping A white woman or just relaxing at A park without being harassed, No matter what efforts made even by Europeans, their traditional practices and racist views of many never seem to fade… I was watching A News Network on T.V. called “Amanpour & Company” on date August 7th 2019 Around time of 11:20p.m., they presented A segment of then Govenor Republican Ronald Reagan in A conversation with President Richard Nixion back in October 26 1971 Ronald Reagan says to Richard Nixion As Quot: “Last night, I tell you, to watch that thing on television As I did”… Richard Nixion responds: “Yeah”… Ronald Reagan says As Quot: “To see those, those Monkeys (Africans) from those African countries– DAMN them they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes”!… As to my very Point exactly Republicans racist views of many such As Ronald Reagans to now President Donald Trump never ever faded… Psychological
Conditioning became behavior modification, As oppressive As Jim Crow Laws were many female African Americans kept quiet out of fear of repercussions which gave them A false sense of security from being murdered, raped, kidnapped or thrown in jail, Europeans sought those wemen As easy targets, subordinate, you know willing to play by their Rules subjecting them to further abuse… Black men were more defiant, back then black men were men and behind A strong black man, stood A strong empowered woman and togather they opposed against political corruptions… As A result, the Europeans sought and executed practices to Divide and Conquer black men from their wemen by killing or throwing them in prison As their way of psychological conditioning to subordinate As behavior modification, and notice how this Government and Law Enforcement are still continuing those same practices today? Prime example like today when black men in State or Federal courts stand against the Europeans and their injustice for committing their crimes against us, we are then penalized and subjected to harsh conditions contrary to the 13th Amendment of the United States
Constitution for not submitting and pleading Not Guilty! Many of us black men today are in State prisons who are falsely and fraudulently convicted and held under void convictons Predominately behind police corruptions involving police charging black men for false crimes within their charging documentations in the State of OHio, for this cause the nations prison population broke New records in the year of 2008, the same year I was kidnapped and wrongfully convicted, fraudulently accused by police for A crime I never committed… The approval of the 1994 crime Bill to Mass imcarceration was Jim Crow Laws being reformed, this is Congress New regime of mass incarceration,
Europeans Mechanism for racial oppression… I have A beautiful daughter who is 10 years old her name is Casnasia and I Love my baby my first and only child and loving her hurts me that much more being wrongfully imprisoned away from her and it hurts her too which makes me Angry at the State of OHio city of Cincinnati to the point that I want those same Government officials to hurt by going to prison and suffer how they doing me now, even when I make Millions off this case, I still wont be happy until they suffer, they set me up right before my eyes while I was young and weak police and the courts took advantage of me, I feel some type of way and I want them to pay for my daughters sake, I am physically strong now, and I dont want them to undergo physical harm, No, I want you to live and go to prison and suffer as I did, I can never forgive those who committed their Hate Crimes against me while acting under the color of law, if I was A Government Agent who done these things to you how would you expose the Truth? How would you feel? Huh, how would you feel? Thousands of good and innocent black men in OHio are unable to be great fathers, not because they Awoled or in denial thereof, Black men in OHio are vanishing and are not able to be great fathers because we are being held against our will unlawfully inside these prisons I call concentration camps As torture facilities, predominately under false and fraudulent police reports and charging instruments unlawfully siting in prison under, really, void convictions behind officers unlawful use of Sham Legal Process… The mass
Incarceraton of innocent black fathers in the State of OHio is A Big Problem and reason that black children born today is seen more less likely to be raised in A traditional household by both parents, you know. A few days ago I heard someone who had the audacity to claim that Jim Crow laws and Mass incarceration are not simular and that Jim Crow today has nothing to do with mass incarceration… Ladies and gentalmen Speaking as A Independant, I very much well disagree with that persons fatuity, thus I give them points for recognizing that Jim Crow exist today, The individual gos on to say that Jim Crow only had something to do with depriving the Negros of their voting rights and mass incarceration is well, by itself just mass incarceration As A cash cow for the slave holders… In my mind ladies and gentalmen, Im like “some wise guy right”… But what that person failed to “OVERSTAND” because of their “UNDER”-standing, is that black men and wemen who were still determined to vote and resisted the KKK head on under Jim Crow Laws was murdered, tortured, criminally penalized and sent to prison unjustly by this United States Government… HEAR ME OUT LADIES,
Thats like saying A sandwich isnt A sandwich without the Lettuce, Pickel, Onion, Tomato, cheese or the Tangy Zip of Miracle Wip… As long As that Patty, Sits inbetween 2 Slices of whole wheat bread or A Sesame Seed Bun, its still considered A Dag on sandwich mann!… Ya know…
An thats my point exactly yall, no matter how people or those in Congress tries to dress this up or belittle the cause, Mass incarceration, Like Jim Crow is A race making institution, okay, A system designed for Racial Control! The proof has been served by Congress, to be Politically Correct all of which were supported by racial indifferences, hey want more proof, Housing, Medicare, Jobs lacking to pay 15 dollars An Hour such as hard labor jobs like BurgerKing McDonalds big Billionair Companies, to Government Corruptions against the public, such As Law Enforcement, Criminal Justices System, OH and not to mention about our voting rights still being discriminated against involving the Electorial College which operates As An All White Electorate, so why arent the Politicans pushing to Abolish the Electorial College? Why? OH thats right Because of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell racist Ass… On Topic,
The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution shifted slavery from Plantations to slave Oppressors, from oppressors to Prisons to now Congressional State Capitalist where still to this very day white supremacy is still benefiting off the pain and suffering from innocent black men held captive unlawfully within their prisons… An do they care?… So Where Have All The Good Men Gone ladies, was A discussion To our conclusions made in Todays Topic… An that is Prison.
The Question is, when the facts are shown, what is the United States Department of Justice and Congressman Mitch McConnell going to do for the many innocent men in the State of OHio prison system when we continue to suffer because no Action is being done? LEADERSHIP IS IN YOUR ACTIONS, NOT POSITIONS, so if our innocence really matter, then Its time to RENDER EQUAL AND EXACT JUSTICE to those individuals and hold corrupt Law Enforcement accountable for their unlawful acts of Sham Legal Process… So if innocent black men Lives really matter, now its time to consider by this Government rather we are actually being heard in the State of OHio. #AN WE RISE

Christopher J. Smith #a606.559
Toledo Correctional Institution
2001 East Central Avenue
Toledo OHio 43608 or e-mail at:

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