Nathaniel Mccoy

by Nathaniel McCoy

To all who like to know more about the author of these blogs you may contact me at is the key to success and one should acquire as much knowledge as possible.It is quiet shocking how the racial status is rising in the United States and people are not paying any attention to it.There was a mass shooting in two separate cities and it was rated as hate crimes based from one racial ethnic group against another which should draw people to the attention to these blogs.It is far from ones understanding if they don’t pay attention to all the things that transpire in the world and this country.Many would say that it doesn’t effect them but in actuality it does because some of us has children that are growing up in this type of environment. Let’s not get distracted because the worse divide is the one amongst those who isn’t coherent to the realization of life’s existing
tragedies….When will the world change?That’s a question that doesn’t really exist because this country was built on racial status of white folks….Now don’t get meeting there some people of color that don’t agree with white against black but this country along exploits this….In other countries you’re not white or black but whatever that country is not a color of that country….It is shameful because since president Donald Trump’s been in office this topic has been in the media of the news constantly……Let’s look at for example the incident that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia where protesters were ranned over by a white supremacist….That incident was talked about by the president but not in a bad manner….The same government that make guns and drugs put them into these low level communities and attack these less fortunate people so that they can be compensated for their arrest…. Isn’t this shameful when that same government seeks for a change of extended magazines and bump stocks on automatic assault rifles because it is now plaguing their communities….But had this terror stayed in the low level community of African American people it wouldn’t be a problem!!!It’s a problem when influential leader’s of color don’t actually take a stand for what’s right…..Slavery is still in existence!!,What’s free??.!!,?Jay-Z said it best in Meek Mill’s song, but maybe he was over a lot of peoples head and they took it as just rap lyrics….Ask yourself what’s free??.From one who is incarcerated I actually understand a lot that’s going on in the world because I no longer look at the world or things from the lens I did before I came to prison…I’ve became more conscious than I was before and I understand life differently….. If you would like to understand why I think like this you can follow my blogs and contact me through WWW.jpay .com…..Thanks for your support and attendance…….

Nathaniel McCoy
DOC 3505368

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