Eyba Brown

THE PEN IS MIGHTIER, by Eyba “Prime Time” Brown

They say reading is fundamental, well what the the hell is writing…essential? In school I did not know an adverb from an adjective. I knew sentences had a subject and a predicate because Dr. Dre gave me that in old school hip hop. But I could never get my subject and verbs to agree. Actually, I still have trouble making them not argue.

You have seen a gangsta turn rapper, rapper turn movie star, movie star turn porn star, and porn star turn presidential concubine, but you never seen a thug turn writer. And thug does not mean brutal ruffian or assasin regardless of what Webster says. Thug means The Highest Under God.

To say that my inspiration to write came from my great love to tell the story, that is the farthest thing from the truth.

I was in the hobby shop, learning how to make clocks and jewelry boxes. I was getting good, and ready to start sending them home to get sold. My potna from college had an account, ironically on Ebay, and sold one of my clocks. This was how I was going to make the money I needed to hire a lawyer and get home.

One day I was called to the Warden’s Office, told to pack my stuff that I was going to the dungeon, and would not tell me why. Completely baffled I sat in the blocks for 2 weeks without knowing what was going on. I went to an office where an investigator came to talk to me. He read me a report which said, Prime Time told me to go to the McDonalds in St. Francisville, his cousin was there, and gaveme some weed and money. I was bringing the weed to Prime Time. There was alot of PrimeTime this and Prime Time that.

When I heard the report I knew the young officer he was talkng about, but I wasn’t the one who set up or had anything to do with the play. I figured the young officer was under pressure and he was giving them the play, but not the players.

So he used a nickname, it just so happen he used my nickname. I guess he thought the people would never find the actual person, but that’s not the way it works in prison.

Even if they don’t know, they’ll make it look like they do to avoid the appearance of stupidty. I knew who they was talking about, but that wasn’t my business. I told the investigator I didn’t know what he was talking about, and even if I did I wouldn’t tell him anyway. He was very angry, but tried to hide it quickly, and said he respected that, me being a convict and all.

I wasn’t a convict, I just came to prison, I was there for maybe 6 or 7 months. I was still wet behind the ears. Because if I was a convict I would have known the next move. When I went to court, and the report was read, and everywhere it said Prime Time in the original report was replaced by Eyba Brown.

I put in a motion to review the original report. Motion denied, and I was sentenced to extended lock down. I was in my cell, and told myself that I couldn’t make money with my hands, so I had to make it with my mind. How was I going to do that? It wasn’t in my mind yet.

I sat in the dungeon for over 60 days. If you are in the dungeon for more than 45 days, they have to reroute you to a lesser custody status than what you was sentenced to.

I ended up in the working cellblock in Camp C. I could have gotten out to play football, but I didn’t want to get stuck in the outer camp. So I made my move to get back to the main prison.

As I said I was fairly new to all this, and ended up go to extended lock down for real this time. People stay on extended lock down for years. Angola sets the world record for keeping a man in a cell for 23 hours a day, with one hour out the cell a day.

While I was in the working cellblocks, my potna was on his way to population to play football, and we’d walk the yard and stratergize. He told me about a commercial idea he had.

As he told me the commercial, it was like a mini movie. On extended I sat there thinking about that commerical. I figured if he wrote a commercial, I could write on too. So I sat there for hours thinking about memorable commericals, and I started writing.

I was only on extended lock down for 2 weeks because I was only on extended for refusing to stay in the camp. I went back to the main prison to C-Block, and met a dude who had a cousin that went to U.S.C. for filming, and would send his cousin shooting scripts. He gave me “How To Be a Player,” I seen this movie with Bill Bellemy. As I read the script I could see the movie all over again.

Math was always my favorite subject because it had a formula to it. I never liked writing because I never seen a structure to it. Looking at this script, I seen writing was structured too. I rewrote the whole script word for word. This opened a whole new world for me, a world I could create.

My friend from L.S.U. brought me a book on screenwriting, and I wrote my first movie called Blast4Me, which we copyrighted. Then we learned about the Writer Guild, and they offered a list of agencies.

I contacted my cousin in Atlanta becuase there was a lot of agencies in Atlanta, but only 4 that accepted unsolicted manuscripts. I sent my cousin 3 commericals, Tag, Runaway, and First Kiss, and the movie, Blast4Me. He told me the commericals was Super Bowl type commericals, and submitted the material to the agancies. 2 out of the 4 agencies called him to come in for an interview. It was Spring Break, and he went to Daytona Beach instead of going to the interviews.

It doesn’t matter if I directly or indirectly missed the opportunity, but I missed an opportunity to have my words generate revenue to get me home.

Of course the pen is mightier than the sword, unless you are in a knife fight then you need a Rambo knife. However, the pen is a mighty weapon, if you know how to use it. In prison you need an army, family, and friend support in order to help get your words heard. And if what and when you write, you are actually saying something.

Just think how mighty your pen can be?

Eyba Brown
DOC #397750

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