Late Night Conversation, by Shara Cooper

Dear God,
I hope that you can see me.
I want to believe that you can hear me.
I really need to know that you are with me.
I feel a little lonely right now.
I am secretly hurting inside.
And, I really don’t understand my life.
The pain that I feel is so deep,
It keeps me from crying tears out my eyes.
So many sad thoughts racing through my mind.
Thinking that I have failed you.
Thinking that I have failed people too.
Unsure of what exactly to do.
I am a mess. So I feel.
God would you please help me.
I know that you are real.
I have seen you do great things for others.
Would you do something great for me too.
I have been waiting on you with courage.
But God, you must know that I get weak too.
Having a very difficult time trying to see my way through.
God would you please help. Would you.

Dear Child,
I gave you my word that I am not going anywhere.
I am never far. Always near.
Even when you whisper, I can hear.
Even when you think, I hear those thoughts too.
Baby, I love you too much to ever leave you.
Believe when I say that I can feel your pain.
Would you believe that I won’t leave you out in the rain.
I made a covenant with you and I am a Man of my word.
Please listen to my voice and remember my promises you have heard.
I need you to know that I know exactly what I am doing.
Your purpose in this earth won’t be delayed.
There will be a fulfilling.
Your light I keep on the earth bright to shine.
I will work all things together for your good in a matter of time.
I know that you love me.
I love you too.
Dear child, I really need for you to know that I got you.

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

Categories: religion, Shara Cooper

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  1. Hi Shara this was beautiful. I was thinking about you and decided to look you up. Oh..yeah Jalen graduates from high school In may 2020. Love ya much! Be blessed!


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