Taran Helms

Blessings———Pain, by Taran Helms

Its amazing how things in life happen, and a lot of folks do so much complaining about their struggles, or the things their experiencing. That they miss the blessing inside the pain, because inside of every situation there is a blessing. I was sentenced to 50 yrs. in prison for a crime I did not commit, but because of how I was raised. I can’t and won’t incriminate anyone else by the things I know and refuse to speak on. I am a victim of my own choices, and along this journey I have lost everything outside of my sanity. But here I stand an author of books that will be published soon. A proud father of a damaged, but beautiful young princess, A man with scars that tell a story of me going thru some things in my past. But not defining where I’m going in my future. My situation, nor my circumstances define me, and its because I took the time out to look in the mirror. See my imperfections, flaws, and shortcomings, and turned those same things that once hindered me; into the things that motivate, and inspire me to be and do better. By also not getting wrapped up in my complaints about things I couldn’t do anything about, doing what I can about the things I can, and by finding my blessings within my pain………. Rest In Heaven to Kimberly Helms (My Momma)…. Yvonne Bryant…. Tiffany Mullens…. all those that I loss along this journey rather to life, or the struggles of it. You will never be forgotten and from the pain I felt in behind losing you all. I will use that pain as motivation to continue to survive this struggle and continue to fight.

Taran Helms
DOC #A553971

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