Sean Lancaster

WHAT IS ONE LIFE WORTH, by Sean Lancaster (aka Pruner)

Who decides what one life is worth, and why is there a sliding scale? We the people have spoken and we the people have put those in power to make the hard desidions so we do not have to but we are still all accountable for the decisions that are made by our elected officials.

There are people trying to cross our southern boarder with Mexico risking it all because it is that bad where they are coming from. It is so bad, and dangerous in their homeland that they are willing to pay the ultimate price, not only for them selves but for their childrens lives to.

I can not imagine living in a country that is so bad that you would risk the life of your children to escape, but that is what is going on right now along America’s southern boarder with Mexico. 

America you suck for this, and Mexico you do not get a pass for this either. Our two countries tell these poor people that they are able to go to America legally, but we all know that the only way they would ever legally get in to this county is if they were rich and then they would not even need to come to America.

I feel shame for every dead, or mis-treated child trying to enter our country.
Is it really OK with my fellow country men that we do not help these children but let them die, or be mis-treated by our government agency’s.

Who are these Americans running, and staffing these agencies where are we finding these Americans that their own lives are so bad that they are able to treat another human being this horrible just to collect a pay check.

I understand our country’s fears that if we do not police our boarder that innocent Americans could be hurt but surely we are not so fearful that we can turn away from what make us human, our compassion, kindness, and love for all mankind.

I do not hate any of the party’s that are allowing such willful harm to take place. I am so saddened for you becuase your life must be hell and I wish for all of the love, and kindness of the universe into your life so that you will be able to heal your broken hearts.

In this sad, world of our’s tradgity comes to all, but the young are not unaware. The older have come to ever expect it, perfect relief is not possible, but a loving, and kind heart can go a long way in healing the tragedies, and mis-fortunes that befall humanity. 

To stand by, and not help those in such a tragic need can not be in the hearts of any American. Please standup, and do what your heart tells you is right, how are we letting these little ones that are so much in need down.

I ask you today, and everyday from this day on to open your hearts to the plyt of our purest, and most innocent in this world our chilren, and do whatever possible to stop this massive suffering on our own southern board. Please love thy neighbor there is no price that can be placed on even one life.

Sean K Lancaster

DOC #993150

P.S. I am always open to hear your thoughts, and feelings @

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