Alawwal Knowles

PROMISES, VOWS, AND DREAMS, by Alawwal Knowles

Lonely night’s…wishes from above clouds my thoughts of tomorrow futures… But for only a moment may they stay the night…. To console this sorrow of regret… promises maded lessons learned mistakes taken….How these lonely night’s squeezes desperation out of most men… begging for only that single moment of yesterday again….night after night…. forced to feel the freezing cold of the lonely night…No warmth of shooting stars dancing butterfly jiggling and laughter about….. only known of these promises vows and aspirations of wonder…. does one hold sake in tomorrow… vowed no matter the case situation or reasoning for… no excuse is enough to leave a warm bed to receive a lonely night…. promises sealed in stone forage in graphic explicit detail does one hold tight…. that the only hope is for tomorrow future… A dream yes!!! considering it’s the path to tomorrow future… grasping hold until the last cloud fades away….

DOC #a505921

Categories: Alawwal Knowles

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