Sean Lancaster

THINK OUTSIDE OF ONES SELF, by Sean Lancaster (aka Pruner)

It is not always easy as a human being to think from outside ones self because it goes against most of our self preservation instincts deeply ingrained into our DNA.

It is not an easy task to go in opposition to ones primary operating system by thinking out of the box but it is a capability that I believe most humans posses and should use more often to become better people.

For all of my life up to about 10 months ago I was a self centered, ego sentric person believing that the world revallve around me. I was incapable of seeing passed my own selfish wants, and desires.

For some reason unbeknownst to me 10 mouths ago I was able to tap into an inner continuous that allowed me to see into my own messed up mind and I was truly able to see myself as I really was and I then was able to understand myself and to start my life anew.

Through this process of understanding myself I was also able to understand all those around me and I was able to gain some insight on how closely related all of humans truly are and how we depend and rely on one another for everything.

I was able to see that people did not have a personal vendetta against me, there was no one out to get me or disrespect me. People are just to self absorb to even care about getting into your head and all at once I was able to see that I should take nothing personal in life and to do my best to live in understanding and love with the hope of attracting good into every facet of my life.

The evolution into my understanding is like an avalanche of information and it takes me time to process all of the data and apply it to my daily life. 

Understanding how important it is to think out of ones self came to me today while thinking of something to blog. I have been thinking outside of myself for a while, but did not really understand what this meant until today.

I asked my buddy Steve what he believe about thinking outside of ones self and his response was literal, he said that is impossible to think outside yourself because everything comes from within.

I am not speaking literally about thinking from another destination where thoughts come from outside yourself. I am talking about empathy, and being able to put yourself in everyone else’s shoes.

I am not saying I do not believe that I am not capable of thought from another physical destination but that is a completely different topic then this one. 

I am speaking metaphorically today about thinking outside of one’s self and being able to understand everyone, and everything around you in your daily life. 

When you are able to think outside of yourself you are going to be open to a world of limitless understanding, and love that comes from really being able to see the struggles of humanity and how you might possible help someone with their own understanding someday. 

Sean K Lancaster

DOC #993150

P.S. If you have any thoughts on this topic or something you believe is an important point that I might have over looked hit me up at and tell me what you are thinking.

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