Sean Lancaster

I HAD A QUADRUPLE BYE PASS, by Sean Lancaster (aka Pruner)

Dr. Swan prescribe me to be on a heart healthy diet but the prison refused and four years later my stint was failing, and the 40% blockages had became almost 100% blocked.

Dr. Martinis was the first cardiovascular surgeon to get me on her operating table the night I had my second heart attack 7/18/19. Dr. Martinis informed me that because my stint had failed and I had so many other blockages that she recommended that they do bye pass surgery. 

I did not even have to think about it for a second because my doctors are the best of the best at Saint Peters, and even though I had just met Dr. Martinis she is Dr. Swans partner so I knew she was just as good as him and I had 100% faith in her judgement. 

I can not praise My doctors enough at Saint Peters Providence hospital. Dr. Swan, Dr. Martinis, Dr. Jackson, and all of their many support staff are the best of the best, and I never had a dough that if I had a chase to live through this that I was in the most capable hands.

All of the staff at Saint Peters are so professional, capable, kind, understanding, and just all around good hearted people.

Dr. Jackson and her team performed quadruple bye pass on me and I have a new lease on life, thank you Dr. Jackson you are the best! I am so thankful to Saint Peters Providence and all of the great staff that work at this first class hospital I felt like a VIP the entire time I was under your care.

I am now back at the joint and I am doing good healing up. The prison has still not put me on a heart healthy diet so I am going about only eating the vegetables they serve and I am learning to make due with a little bit of fish my sister buys for me, and the mixed nuts I am able to buy from the prison store.

I just have to say again thank you to all of the doctors, and staff at Saint Pete’s you are the best and I am a lucky man to be under your care.

To my family, you keep me going, without you I would not have the drive to go through any of this. I know it is hard for you at times knowing the prison has no concern for your feelings but they did send me out for help and I was surrounded by some really good people at Saint Pete’s. I love you all and I am sorry for the stress.

Sean K Lancaster

DOC #993150

P.S. For feed back I can be reached at

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