Christopher Withrow


can you believe they gave trump the money for this wall? To keep others out they say but what if its to truely just keep us all in? they spend all of this money for a wall when there is so much suffering on the streets of America so much pain and anguish . Then I see on the news that JFK’s niece overdosed on heroin what about the other children who have lost thier families mothers who have lost thier children why arent thier names posted for all to see what damage the drugs have done? Why didnt they put a wall there soner and they say its for American security fro terrorists drug dealers well why have they allowed the man whose known as elchapo to live instead of killing him ill tell you why its because they want hi to release his financial empire he has built off of the same drugs they are so called fighting against to the American government . My little girl is 11 years old and the other day she asked me if it would be cool if she smoked when she grows up that all the other adults do it so it must be okay it took me tellling her that i dont drink or do drugs or smoke for her to finally se the light or at least i hope that she did/does. where are the self preservationist out there to show our children that this life isnt the way its awlays been that when we were children in the 80’s seeing how im 36 it wasnt so where are the parent show used to take pride i thier child being on the honor roll ? IDK well if you would like to express you feelings you can contact m,e on jpay at ww.jpay .com or here at:

Christopher Withrow 604923
lake erie correctional
501 thompson rd .
po . box 8000
conneaut ohio 44030

thank you for letting me to hold your ear hostage i guess i owe you one xxo hope to talk to you soon

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