Ja'Relle Smith

The Tale of the QUEEN and The Prisoner, by Ja’Relle Smith

What am I to do when my LOVE triggers such fear in you?When the profound unfamiliarity of my passion triggers dis trust,so easily outweighed by the bulk of a past never meant for such a petite frame,never meant for such a unique Name?The only one I know with that title.It rings its rhythm in my ear with the same melody of one other word in our English dictionary…”Mine”…YES!Oh,im so selfish about you!But unfortunately, PRESENTLY I unwillingly share your heart with a PAST that has robbed you of so much and yet unsatisfied with its take,stares greedily at OUR FUTURE with covetous eyes as a pirate would do a treasure.”There I stand ready to fight but I cant.This is your past therefore this is your fight.Yet I stand in the back of you anyway,swinging arms like I’m going for the knockout hoping to inspire the only one that can win this thing for US..YOU!I cheer you on but to no avail the only thing is that by my side there you stand with eyes full of fear fighting a losing fight. A fight caused by me,a fight caused by LOVE?THIS IS PRISON!What do I do!?I stand so close but yet so far as I watch you fight and lose,seeing our very future being snatched from your hands,you turn and look at me with eyes of pain,eyes of terror,fear,and expectation.I stretch my hand out to you yelling three words “Just Trust me!”,but the more our future slips out of your hand the the further I fade,and you can no longer hear me.As a prisoner I slowly but surely press further and further now almost out of sight into looming darkness.I sink my head into my chest in a defeated manner.But I look up one last time with tears in my eyes refusing to miss the last chance I have of ever seeing you again…of ever seeing our future again…”Jesus” I whisper in a cry.Immediately I fall forward collapsing on the ground a few feet ahead.”GET UP,GET UP NOW!”I hear a voice from inside of me echo.I rise up slowly and there you are still slightly in view,battling,struggling…I see your weakened hand stretched out still holding on barely,I can see you screaming but I cant hear it.”Go” the voice echoes in like manner.I get to my feet quickly and run to you at a supernatural speed.”Hold it!Don’t let go!”I shout as I approach quickly,I see hope fill the circumference of your eyes as I finally reach you,you slowly stop screaming as confused surprise overtakes your features.I grab you and lift you holding you body to body,and with my hand on yours we hold on to our future.”Its okay,I’m finally here,I made it”I say in the ear of your lowered head.”Just hold on”I add.I hold on tightly as you begin to mumble something lowly.”I….”.”What?!” I ask not hearing you.”I….Trust….”you manage as you begin to loosen your grip,but I still can’t hear you.”Huh?” I ask.”I…TRUST… YOU!”you shout from the top of your lungs.You then step back and stand behind me as I stand fully erect on my feet,your words equipping me with strength instantaneously. I wrap my fingers around the neck of Fear,that imposter,that thief that tried to steal our future!Simultaneously I turn around.I see a bright light shine from beside me,so bright Fear is swallowed by its light and is vaporized out of my hand.I turn to look at you but the light is coming from my hand,the hand with our future in it.You stand and stare in awe at the light.Somehow instinctively i know it belongs to you so I hand it to you,immediately that light turns into a crown inside of your hand.You stand there and look in surprise at the crown not knowing what to do.I grab the crown from your hand and place it on top of your head,its beauty almost surpassing that of your own as the precious stones thereon gleam with ease,illuminating us with it rainbow of color.As I place the crown on your head,a crown materializes onto my head,its vibrance shining In conformity with yours.”King”,you say to me with a smile.”Queen” I respond smiling as we look each other in the eyes. You then reach forward wiping the old tears from my eyes.I smile and lean in for a kiss,you do as well but not before the light totally engulfs us both”…This is the tale of the QUEEN and the Prisoner.”

Ja’Relle Smith
DOC #634-158

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