Samuel Jones Jr.

My Idea Coming To Past, by Samuel Jones Jr.

A year and ahalf ago,I was watching the news about children being left in vehicles and dying because of the heat.So,as I was thinking about this terrible situation,being that I am an automotive enthusiast,I came up with the idea of a CPS(Child Protection System).This is accomplished by placing sensors in the childs car seat or back seat.The CPS is activated when the child is placed in the car seat or back and the ignition is turned.The sensors in the seats then sends a signal to the PCM(Power Control Module) telling it that there is a child in the seat by the weight that is being applied on the sensor.Then the PCM will arm the alarm system.When the ignition is turned off for ten seconds,the PCM will activate the alarm system letting the driver of the vehicle that there is precious cargo in the back of the vehicle.This alarm will continue until the child is removed from the seat and the absence of pressure on the sensor will send a signal to the PCM and it will de-activate the alarm system. But as I was watching the news yesterday,there are some company trying to come to develop a Child Protection System to protect our babies from being left in vehicles.I told this to an inmate and showed him the basic diagram of what I came up with and how it would operate. He said,Sam,you could have made a lot of money!Told him,its not about making money,its about protecting kids all over the world.There are a lot of inmates that are very smart,but there is no way for us to bring our inventions to the attention of people that bring our ideas to life.As inmates,the world think that we are dumb and the lowest form of life.But that is so for from the truth.Yes it does has some real bad people in prison,but there aremore good men and women then society really knows about.As for myself,I have also developed thirteen sets of custom wheels.I call the the name of my custom wheels”Anointed Creationz”.These wheels are faith based wheels.I plan to continue to design my brand of custom wheels so when I am released,I can pursue many business options.I give all Honor to God for giving me the ideas and inventions that I have developed. God Bless

Samuel Jones Jr. #350216
1630 Prison Rd.

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