DeAndra Thomas

Doing the right thing or what’s right, by DeAndra Thomas

Yo I’m doing my best to do what’s right. I gotta few different babymamas and they all want money for our son’s. its funny because I have to keep reminding them that I’m in prison tryna do what I can for me. now if I was free they know I’ll sell every drug under the sun to make sure my sons were good. my ex fiancée she know how I am when it comes to my kids. but every time my kids ask for anything I do what I can to try and make sure they get it. and even though I’m doing the right thing for them I know its not right to be tryna move the bag. but that’s not it on tryna do the right thing… my oldest son he 13 and I found out he bisexual or gay. it was hard tryna found the right words to say without pushing him away. and believe me I was hurt when I got the news about his sexuality. I never thought I would be in this situation. but that’s not it on tryna do the right thing….. back to my ex fiancée. we were gonna get married and everything, made promises to each other about being there for each other. but she left me at my lowest point in life. not only that she got pregnant on me yo. and our son he only 5 and all he do is talk about his new sister. the shit hurts every time he say something about her. I be so ready to tell him like dude I don’t wanna hear that. but I know that’s not the right thing to do, knowing he just wanna talk to me son to father. like I said I’m tryna keep doing the right thing yo, but at the end of the day it hurts. I’m not about to keep talking about my issues but I’m not ashamed to express my feelings and let the world know how I’m feeling. I know at the end of the road Jah has something in store for me. well world be bless and keep Jah in your heart. Much Love Gone

DeAndra J. Thomas
DOC #661791

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