Davin Wallace

Confidence In God’s Success (Stop looking thru the world’s vision), by Davin Wallace

Read Joshua 1:9
Courage comes from trusting God.It can’t be mentally drummed up. It comes from believing what God says regardless of what the circumstances look like. Courage comes from faith!
Where does discouragement come from? From fear & unbelief. It comes when we listen to the devil’s lies about what God is not going to do for us. As the people of God, we must shake off discouragement & rise up w/courage! We must quit looking at our own abilities & failures & limitations & start looking to God. We must rise up in the name of Jesus & the power of His Spirit & establish the kingdom of heaven upon earth. If you’ve been discouraged lately, stop listening to Satan’s lies. Stop receiving evil reports. When someone tells u God is not going to deliver u, u just tell them, He’s already delivered me in the name of Jesus.”
Once u begin to realize who u are & what you’ve been given by the power of God, you’ll quit letting the devil run all over u. God didn’t suggest that we be strong & courageous. That is His command!
Now go to Joshua 10:8.
No greater confidence will ever come to us as Christians than the confidence of knowing u are doing God’s will. God will not commission us to do anything w/out ensuring your success. God assured Joshua that there was no reason to fear as he prepared to battle the Canaanites. God would allow the Israelites to fight the battle, but the outcome was settled before they ever picked up their weapons. What confidence this gave them as they fought. Even though their enemies fought relentlessly, Joshua’s army was certain of eventual victory.
God does not promise us victory in every task we devise, but He does promise that we will be successful whenever we follow His will(Deut.28:7. 25).
Does it appear that people are keeping u from obeying God’s will? Rest assured that God will not allow anyone or anything to prevent His children from accomplishing His purposes. Be careful to evaluate success in the way that God does. Perhaps He is working to produce His peace in our hearts as we face troubling times. Perhaps He is working to develop a forgiving spirit in us when we’re being mistreated. Perhaps He is working to climate a particular sin in our life. If we expect the world’s understanding of victory, we may feel defeated. If we look to see what God is accomplishing thru our situations, we will find that He is succeeding. When we face opposition but know we are doing what God has asked, we should have confidence that He will accomplish everything He desires. In the name of Jesus, glory be to God, literally,

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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