Archie Wilder

WHY? by Archie Wilder

It all started with conversation. Even though we lived in the same neighborhood, we really didn’t know each other. I had been living there for a while, you were new. A lot of people in the neighborhood knew of me,but they really didn’t know me.I had been to prison, I had made a few mistakes in my life, And I had a reputation for being a womanizer. And I didn’t know if you had heard any of those things from our neighbor’s. So I was a little reluctant to ever say anything to you. So I would make small talk, and observe.The federal governments conviction rate is 98%.Do you know why?Because they learn a lot just by observation. I learned a lot about you by observing the way you treated people in our community. Because you were new to the neighborhood, a lot of them you didn’t know, but I knew them very well. And a lot of them were not the most upstanding people in our community. But yet and still you treated them all with decency and respect.That’s not an easy thing when you live around dope fiends, murderers, rapist, extortioners. And the first time we had a real conversation it blew my mind.Because it was so rare to have A REAL CONVERSATION with anyone in our neighborhood. Especially the women, because most of them thought I was trying to get in their pants when ever I said anything to them. They had shallow views of men from my background. But not you. You saw me as man, and that spoke volumes to me. So I made it my business to make myself a little bit more noticeable to you. But in the process I heard that you were dating someone in the neighborhood. But I didn’t care, because you still remained the same with me no matter what.But I knew the guy, a real scumbag.But the more I learned about you from our conversations, I started getting confused. Because I thought to myself, how can a woman so down to earth, and so intelligent be involved with such a scumbag?And even though he was much younger than us,It still could have been a possibility that you guys were dating. Because I have been the younger man dating a older woman before.But those women wanted to keep it a secret. And I really didn’t know you at the time, so it was a possibility that it could be true. Because for a moment from the outside looking in by the picture he was painting,it was VERY CONVINCING that you guys were dating. But time reveals everything, the more we talked I started to figure out that you didn’t have a clue of situation this guy was putting you in. I told you different things about what he was doing and saying.You told me that you appreciated it,but your actions never changed. So I took action FOR YOUR BENEFIT, NOT MINES.I just didnt want to see a good person get caught up in something bad.But I have a question, if you didn’t know what was going on behind your back, how could you protect yourself?! You being able to take care of yourself is not a matter of question. I use to hate it when you use to say that to me.Because I’ve NEVER saw you as this weak fragile woman who couldn’t take care of herself. Because you make it seem like if I wouldn’t have taken action, you would’ve been alright. And I KNOW THAT NOT TO BE TRUE.Because you were not aware of the true gravity of his plans for you.But that’s a closed chapter, because by then I had cared enough about your well being that I was going to MAKE SURE YOU WERE OKAY. Even if you were mad at me for taking action, I would’ve been cool with that as long as you were safe.You changed our community, you made people happy when you came around.You really tried to make a difference. And I respect you for that, It takes a special type of person to do that. Its not a quality you find in people everywhere.And the more I learned about you the more I respected you and I started to like you more.Even though you thought everyone looked at you like an auntie, or big sister. I didn’t, I always thought you were pleasant to the eyes. But I never stalked you or stared at you when I saw you around.But one day you just happen to be walking by and I really just looked at you. And thought to myself, she is very feminine, and she has natural sex appeal without even trying. And I can’t lie,you have a walk that can drive a man crazy. But I kept those things to myself, because I have the utmost respect for you. And our bond continued to grow.There were other women in our community that I could have bonded with. But I didn’t. Because their was something different and special about you.And it all started from our conversations. So when you ask why I befriended you, that’s why.It was no plan or plot at first. But once I got know you,I knew it was something I wanted to be lifelong. Because genuinely good people are hard to find, and I wasn’t going to miss out on a good friendship with you.Your conversation never gets old, I truly enjoyed just being in your company any time you were in the neighborhood. But my question to you is,Out of all the people in our community that you could’ve befriended, why me?We are opposites in a lot of ways. I’ve been scarred by life in ways you haven’t. You are trusting, I have trust issues. Even the worst of people you don’t mind having around, and I want those people away from me.So if the thought of “why you”comes into your mind again, please refer back to this. And your such an awesome human being, why not you?

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