Major McCormick

Buried Treasures, by Major McCormick

Survive young nigga survive! I know they buried you alive young nigga I cried, they didnt care if you lived or died, so you lived and kiled your pride, you lived through some ill filled nights ,you even watched them kill with knives, you tried to keep it even keel though you had no evening meals, and nothing to eat at night, your shoes looked like shambles couldnt make a dollar ,no job ,no hustles, no gambles, but you knew it was go be alright. His pain like grafitti written on the wall, the whole world could see it, but the world is cold believe it,instead of a helping hand they hit him in the head, with a log, “that nigga dead, i dont care if he call on allah or god just put dirt on him he’ll never survive, all that shit he talking aint nothing but jive.” but what they didnt know is what he had inside, they didnt know he had the will to survive, He used the neglect to gain self respect, he used their hate to navigate, ” he’ll learn his lesson, i aint got to deal with no stressing, i aint got to bless him, i dont give a fuck, brotha, cousin, or nephew. i dont owe em shit, hit him in the head with another brick.” Deeper in the grave but the nigga still breathing ” I know god put me on this earth for a reason, this is my love letter to the world Im going to be one of its greatest achievers….

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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