Mumin Israfil

POEM OF THE WEEK, by Mumin Israfil

Deep undersea, naked, holding your breath
~in lost faith you exhale submitting to death.
Hateful of the ungrateful, Father Sea knows your plight
~he lovingly blows into you his saltwater Life.
With you vigor returned, you feel the numbing cold
~transforming your skin into a vibrant protective fold.
Now explore this new world baby — learn to swim!
~the sea is your ally, it will grant you fins.
So that the currents you tread will be a goodbye to the past
~and the future will show in every bubble you cast.
No longer in a Void, your heart jubilees
~yep, its official, you are a child of the sea.

Mumin Israfil
DOC #289-920

Categories: Mumin Israfil, poems

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