Davin Wallace

Love Like God, by Davin Wallace

By the grace of God i heard a Word today that convicted & encouraged me. In my past i have been in relationships that i didn’t honored & other relationships that dishonered other’s relationships including marriages. And in none of that was i honoring nor glorifying God. After hearing this particular word today it made me sorrow for the struggling marriages in the world today especially the ones i help contribute struggle to. Then i felt for those who was left broken because of relationships gone bad. And its sadder that its many who are suffering from unforgiveness for whatever reason. i literally desire for those im locked in w/to be honest w/themselves & their love ones (past & present) & do what God has placed in their hearts but not yet acted upon. i’m willing to forgive for past, present & future trespasses against me & pray i have & will be forgiven for mine. i pray i never again fall for a married woman nor a woman who is in relationship w/another man. More important i desire we all be intimately be consecrated & in divine relationship w/God.
Read Hosea 3:1-5
Jae & Ray marriage was deteriorating fast. She had an affair, but after some time she admitted her sin to God. He knew what God wanted him to do, but it was difficult. She shared the truth w/Ray. Instead of asking for a divorce, Ray chose to give Jae a chance to win his trust back by showing that she’d changed. In a miraculous way God restored their marriage.
Ray’s actions are a picture of God’s love & forgiveness shown toward sinners like u & me. The prophet Hosea understood this well. He was commanded by God to marry an unfaithful woman as way to show Israel their status of faithfulness before Him. If that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, when Hosea’s wife left him, God told him to ask her to come back. He said, “Show your love to your wife again, though she is loved by another man is an adulteress”. After all their disobedience, God longed for a close relationship w/His people. Just as Hosea loved his unfaithful wife, persued her, & sacrificed for her, so God so loved His people. His righteous anger & jealousy were motivated by His great love. This same God longs for us today to be near Him. As we come to Him in faith, we can trust that in Him we will find complete fulfillment. God has made marriages divine & sacred from the beginning of time. i know its relationships & love ones who we just got to let go to move forward in the goodness of God’s grace & glory, but it never negates the fact that love, mercy & grace is to be given in all situations to all people until the end of time even if separation is called for.
To go deeper into the love, grace, mercy & intimacy of God we have to look at who God is & His motives for loving us & calling us to be in His image.
Read Deut. 4:24. Our God is satisfied only when His love totally consumes us. We usually think of a jealous person as someone resentful & suspicious, but the Lord’s jealousy on our behalf is something that should be precious to us. He has the complete right to our lives. He gave us life, & He wants to protect us from anything that could harm us. That is why He has commanded His children to worship no other gods, allowing nothing to distract us from His consuming love. The Lord opposes anything that hinders our relationship w/Him(Deut.6:15). He knows the danger of other gods, how they will lure us away, deceive us & leave us empty. He will tolerate nothing that takes precedence over our love for Him. Our faithfulness to God assures us of the abundant life He wants to give us. If we reject Him, we will pursue us to we return to Him. i pray u applying the spiritual principles to your natural situation so u can the supernatural in whatever u in or wherever u at & regardless w/who. We should not resent the fact that God wants to guard our relationship w/Him. It should bring us comfort. Our relationship w/God should be top priority. It should dictate how we spend our time, our money, our energy & handle our relationships. If certain people or our possessions separate us from God, we must reexamine our hearts & give our devotion first to Him, as He commands. God wants each of us to love Him w/all of our heart, mind, soul & strength (Mark12:30). Our love for God should extend to every corner of our lives & every person in it.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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