John Mcconnell

Good With The Bad, by John Mcconnell

By Mac-

Well people I have met someone great and she is absolutely awesome in every way so far. I literally wake up and go to sleep thinking of her and cant ever wait until the next time when we speak type shit! She is an awesome person and I am so very lucky to have found her and have her in my life! This is what is good in my life and I absolutely adore her!
Get this, being the awesome person she is she orders me a food box and I get all excited about it etc. especially because right now I have a ingenial hernia and it is too painful to even get up to chow and back so I am in super need of the food right! NOPE! The box gets here on the 2nd and what happens the staff here DENIES MY BOX! BULLSHIT!!! I havent recieved a food box this year and only one clothes box/shoes but itt says in their system for some dumbass reason that I have recieved 3 clothes/sundry boxes! I have NOT AND i AM HUNGRY! This has got me so damn mad Im about to FLIP and I just thought Id share this with ya’ll!!! Takin the good with the very BAD right now…

John Robert Mcconnell #731-514
P.o. Box 120
Lebanon OH
eds 5/13/2036 for now…..

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