Travis Nettles

A MESSAGE TO YOU, by Travis Nettles

7 ALMIGHTY KNOWLEDGE BORN WISOM ALLAH…PEACE i pray all is well within your L.I.F.E. now as you read please read with an inquiring mind. I am speaking directly to you whole heartedly.Them times you fell like L.I.F.E. is to much,just remember tuff times do not last only tuff people do.I overstand your stress,your pain,your sorrow and all them times you perceive that no one is listening,no one cares or knows what you are going through. My words i speak to you are truths, a little light i am shinning into your world where it may be darkness.Please allow my light to enter as i enlighten you to ,all them hardships you encounter are nothing more than a test of your faith.Faith shows the reality of what you hope for,it is the evidence of all things you cannot see so, how can you be confident that something you want is going to happen,especially if all of your hopes have been dashed.How can you risk believing that L.I.F.E. you hope for is waiting for you around the bend.Anything is possible only if you truely believe.When you wake up and take that first step that is called faith.Do not be bitter be better.L.I.F.E. is Living in Faith Everyday.If you feel me say AMEN with that said,this is my intimation of the week.Please pass my words to someone who is in need of hearing them or reading them. You can follow me weekly for i only INSPIRE TO ASPIRE BEFORE I EXPIRE.I end this the same way i begin while saying, have a bless day with a blissful night.POWERFUL EDUCATION CHANGES EVERYTHING (P.E.A.C.E.)…….

DOC #735-142

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