Eyba Brown

THE SONGS OF MALDOROR, by Eyba “Prime Time” Brown

Last month I a received a comment that compared the Gridiron Jungle 2 to Les Chants de Maldoror. This literary work details or concerns the misanthropic and misotheistic character of Maldoror.

My response was:
I thank you for the comment, and to be compared to Les Chants de
Maldoror, a French poetic novel is an honor. Also to compare young Eyba
to a Maldoror, a figure of evil who has renounced conventional morality.
Is to understand that everything has a balance, like the Ying and the Yang.
There would be no good without evil and vice versa. So if an evil boy
could produce a good man, then everything fell into place.

Since I am currently incarcerated this response was terribly delayed and not forwarded to the commentee.However, when you are in situations such as prison there is a certain morality that is consumed into its infastructure that is abnormal in its rarest form. Being a Maldoror in this environment is one of the best things you can be. To renounce and denounce its conventional morality is the smartest thing a real man can do.

Being a Maldoror is nothing more than not conforming to the norm, even when the norm is actually normal.

Though the Maldoror is misanthropic and misotheistic, that represents a lot of hatred. But when you hate the things that is considered fraudulant, fake, or phony. This simply means you are a lover of what is real.

In the future to make sure your comments are addressed in a timely fashion. Simply create an email account on Jpay.com. I am in Louisiana and my ID# is 397750.

Eyba Brown
DOC #397750

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