Dana Rister

Lucid dreaming and subconscious wormholes into the primal recesses of the mind, by Dana Rister

prison is the most depressing lonely place in the world. unless your a junkie or child molester. they seem to hang out with their kind. and after being locked up for awhile now I’ve found it best to not make friends there’s no point everyone’s fucked up. my cellies been gone for five days now, and I love it. he’s been out to medical having surgery. so I’ve got the cell alone and it just feels right mentally I’m getting into a better place. but it will all be over soon. a man in here doing a life sentence should have a one man cell. the only way I could ever be happy living in a cell with another human being, is if it were a woman I was in love with, the real true kind of love. and she would have to love me the same. then maybe we could manage….I got a ” dear john” letter from my only penpal. I wish her all the best, she’s on a noble journey. she’s going to look for love. I hope she’s finds true love. I wish the whole world could find love. what kind of world would that be? …..

Dana Rister
DOC #609147

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